The power to unify the complementary forces of yin and yang. Sub-power of Yin & Yang Manipulation. Opposite of Yin & Yang Separation.

Also Called

  • Shadow/Dark & True-Self/Light Archetype/Aspect/Side Fusion
  • Yin & Yang Fusion


The user can unify the complementary forces of yin and yang of all beings and forces by unifying the fused forces or entities that can embody the combined essences of differing forces (day and night, love and hate, light and darkness, male and female, etc.).



  • When combined, the two forces may not be able to be separated.
  • The combination may produce new powers without allowing one access to the individual aspects.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Hōgyoku (Bleach); can unify the essence of Hollows and Shinigami
  • The Tiger Talisman (Jackie Chan Adventures)