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The power to heal everything on a planetary scale. Sub-power of Planetary Manipulation. Advanced version of Healing.

Also Called

  • Planet Healing
  • Planetary Healing


User can heal everything on a planetary scale or even heal the planets/worlds themselves, allowing them to heal/restore any damage a planet or its life has ever suffered, such as fixing craters caused by comet/meteor impacts and/or restoring and healing any and all life that has been wiped out on the planet from powers such as extinction or Omnicide.




  • May be very draining or harmful for the user.

Known Users

See Also: World Healing Wave.

  • Galvanic Mechamorphs (Ben 10); Limited to Galvan B
  • Crystalsapien (Ben 10); Limited to Petropia
    • Sugilite
  • Midas (C)
  • Midora (Toriko); Gourmet Spice
  • Minerva (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Dyntos (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon); via the Legendary Silver Crystal
  • Super Shenron (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Spyro (The Legend of Spyro)


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