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The ability to wield a sharp whip-like sword with extraordinary accuracy and proficiency. Combination of Enhanced Whipmanship and Enhanced Swordsmanship. Variation of Weapon Proficiency and Hybrid Weapon Proficiency.

Also CalledEdit

  • Chainblade Proficiency
  • Snake Sword Proficiency
  • Swordwhip Proficiency
  • Urumi Proficiency


The user is highly proficient at wielding a whip sword, an unusual weapon, and utilize both short and long ranged attacks at various angles.


  • Entangle the opponents.
  • Blade Elongation for range and flexibility, to Impale target, etc.
  • Utilize both long and short ranged attacks.
  • Use the chained blade as a grappling tool.
  • Attack with great accuracy, finesse, and style.
  • Slip past defenses by attacking at unsuspecting angles.
  • If the blade is segmented and separable:
    • separate and control the individual segments for omnidirectional attacks.
    • disconnect any damaged segments and reconstitute the blade formation.
    • making it much more difficult to destroy as a whole.
    • extending and bending at more versatile and larger range than a normal blade.


Known UsersEdit


Web Series

Video Games



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