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The power to create entity-like weapons with their capabilities. Sub-power of Weapon Transformation. Variation of Weapon Creation.

Also Called

  • Being Weapon Generation
  • Creature Weapon Generation


The user can create weapon with animal/entity/mythical being like characteristics and abilities. Though the weapons may not take on the actual forms, they still possess the powers and abilities the entities have.





  • Weapons may possess the instincts of the beings they mimic.
  • Weapons may have their own personalities/souls and thus their own moral code, goal or ambitions.

Known Users

  • Zanpakuto (Bleach)
  • Aircraft Carrier-type Fleet Girls (Kantai Collection: Kancolle)
  • Demon Weapons (Soul Eater)
  • Clear Note and Vino (Zatch Bell!)
  • Zeno Bell and Dufort (Zatch Bell!)


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