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"Earth was once a violent planet, too. At times the chaos threatened the very fabric of life, but, like you, we evolved. We found better ways to handle our conflicts. But I think no one can deny that the seed of violence remains within each of us. We must recognise that, because that violence is capable of consuming each of us."
― Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: TNG)
"Now, like I asked before, how's the war going? Smashingly! We'll hammer pacifism into the elves if we have to kill them all to do it. So, we're at war to spread pacifism now? Oh, yes. It works like a charm. How?! Well, corpses are remarkably non-violent."
― Princess Sara and King Steve (8-Bit Theater)

The power to manipulate both war and peace. Combination of War Manipulation and Peace Manipulation

Also Called

  • Peace and War Manipulation
  • War and Peace Manipulation


The user can manipulate both war and peace in all forms (Physical, mental, spiritual, etc). They can induce, erase and become empowered by war and peace at once. They can cause world peace or a world war, pitting everyone on the planet against each other.



  • May have limited range.
  • May have a limited number of people they can affect at once.
  • May have to keep balance between the extremes.
  • User's mind may divide to handle the opposing forces.

Known Users

  • Anahita (Persian Mythology)
  • Mars (Incarnations of Immortality)

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