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The power to resurrect a dead individual via eye contact. Variation of Resurrection. Opposing to Killing Eyes

Also Called

  • Resurrecting Vision
  • Revival Dojutsu
  • Sight Of Revival


The user can revive dead by making eye contact with them. If the user is very skilled, they user may be able to revive others just by a glance. 




  • May bring back the wrong people.
  • May not be able to turn power off. 
  • May be limited to how many times, they can revive another.
  • If vision is damaged this ability is useless.
  • May not be able to self-revive.
  • Will need to have a clear view of the person.
  • The range of sight of the user will affect the powers effectiveness.

Known Users

  • Saulot (Vampire: The Masquerade)

Known Objects

  • Glass Eye (The Lost Room)

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