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The power to teleport by saying the location's name.

Also Called

  • Vocal Teleportation


The user can say the name of a specific location, and will be teleported there. The name does not have to be spoken audibly, it can be said in a whisper. Others with physical contact can also come with the user. It can be instantly or by a shimmer-like affect The user can say the name of the island, continent, or country.



  • Location must be correctly named.
    • May not work or teleport to the wrong location if the name is partially/incorrectly said.
    • Inability to speak will negate ability.
  • Speaking allows enemies to know where user will teleport to.

Known Users

  • Toussaint Neshinbara (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere)
  • Captain Marvel (DC Comics); via the Rock of Eternity
  • Lila Cheney (Marvel Comics); via Dyson Sphere
  • Edith Sawyer/U-Go Girl (Marvel Comics)
  • The Eye of Aurora (Jackie Chan Adventures); by saying "Return to (name of place)"
  • Mr Meanwhile (The Tick) by saying "Meanwhile in (name of place)"
  • Zatana (DC Comics)

Known Objects

  • Floo Powder (Harry Potter)


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