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The ability to possess blood that is toxic to vampiric entities. Sub-power of Power Via Blood.


The user possesses blood that is toxic to vampiric entities that renders them immune to vampirism and can affect or kill any vampiric being that comes in contact with their blood.



  • Psychic Vampires can work around the user's immunity as they do not require blood to fuel their powers.
  • Transcendent Vampires may be more resistant than the normal vampire.
  • User's blood must make contact with a vampire for the effects to occur.

Known Users

  • Superman (DC Comics); via being powered by the sun
  • Elsa Bloodstone (Marvel Comics)
  • Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
  • Karolina Dean (Marvel Comics)
  • Humanized Vampires (Day Breakers); Treated Vampire Blood
  • Himegami Aisa (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • John Constantine (DC Comics/Hellblazer)
  • Maryann Forrester (True Blood)
  • Jonathan Morgenstern (Shadowhunter Chronicles)

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