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"It's time to face your own reality, there's one thing we can say with certainty, that it's you who had been chosen, even though you've been opposin', I guess you were the only nominee"
lyrics of "Chosen one part 7" from The Bards Tale

The power to steal the powers of a chosen one for themselves. Opposite of Destiny Chosen.

Also Called

  • Destiny Theft
  • The Unchosen One
  • The UnDestined


User can throw a wrench in the works of destiny by taking the place of a so called chosen one for themselves. They can wield legendary weapons they shouldn't be able to, steal the spotlight from the guy expected to win or do the great feat that everyone thought only one guy could do.




Known Users

See Also: The Unchosen One

  • Elk (Arc The Lad)
  • The Bard (The Bards Tale 2004)
  • Asagi (Disgaea series)
  • Mao (Disgaea 3)
  • The Principal (Every Witch Way)
  • Cinder Fall (RWBY)
  • Mantis (Skunk-Fu)
  • Juni Cortez (Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over)

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