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Reaper of the Zombie Apocalypse

Hey guys Zxankou14 again. For this blog, the main concept is the most famous and terrifying event feared by man; THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!! The goal of this blog is for participants to name at least 1-6 powers that you think would be useful if you had to face a legion of the carnivorous undead. Next to each power you have to explain why/how it would be useful against the undead horde (P.S. Superhuman Physiology is an automatic first). As usual Ill give example.


  • Demigod Physiology
    • Will become invulnerable to zombie bites
    • Possess enough speed to elude packs and strength to handle close contact
    • Will gain a level of biological resistance to the virus.
  • Extrasensory Perception
    • Will be able to sense incoming hordes
    • Will be able to predict the end result of a strategy
  • Reality Warping
    • Telekinesis
      • Can project psionic blasts that disintegrate the target
      • Will utilize the surrounding elements to crush incoming dead heads
      • Can purge virus from system at a molecular level
    • Molecular Manipulation
      • Can create an infinite amont of resources such as food, water, secured shelter, and a personal army
      • Can destroy whole hordes at the molecular level just by blinking
    • Energy Manipulation
      • Project strong energy waves for long distance purposes
      • Create large waves that can disintegrate thousands of zombies in a fell swoop
    • Time-Space Manipulation
      • Can stop time to get the edge on incoming zombies
      • Teleport to a safe location if somehow overwhelmed.

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