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The Ultimate Life-Form !!

Hey guys this is Zxankou14 again. I decided to make a new post. This one is about what you think would be considered the Ultimate Life Form. Below add your account name as the title, then write a physical description of the species, then add a set of 7-8 powers. P.S. again Supernatural Condition is a default power but does not count as one of the 3-8 powers you can add. and bloggers cannot add any Omni powers. Adding an Origin story would be a good idea too. Ill go first as an example.

Zxankou14: Ethereals


  • Life Forms are called Ethereals, human beings who achieved Ascension, Transcended Physical Form, and became Demigods. They moved into a higher plain and watch the rest of humanity and interact to a certain degree. They scour the earth in search of other humans who want to Ascend. This is phase 1 in a mass Doomsday plan, which is to save/convert as many human Innocents possible. The next phase is to survive the rest of humanity's extinction, and the final phase is to rebuild the world into a worldwide utopian civilization that learns from, and avoids the mistakes of mankind.

Physical Description

  • As Ascended Life-Forms, the Ethereals are beings composed of ethereal energy. However they prefer to interact on the physiclal plane by shapeshifting into a form that resembles normal Homo Sapiens. in their true form they are composed of said energy, have a humanoid shape, and are purple with white sigils on certain parts f the form such as their knees, the top of their feet, the front of their palms, the center of their chest/back, and on the center of their forehead. Thay also have white hair that resemble short dreadlocks, pure white eyes, and two small, white horns at the top of their foreheads.
  • Note: The sigils mentioned are essentially 4 circles bound by one center ring. One circle is in the center while the other three are in an upside-down triangle shape.


As Aether-composed life forms, Ethereals can control "The Fifth Element", use them to gain strong abilities, and apply them to perform demigod level feats.

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