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Character/Origin Creation: The Nephlim

Zxankou14 January 25, 2016 User blog:Zxankou14

Bio-Tech, Magic and Psionics

Two Questions

1. I have been asking this around but, would using biotechnology on a person to give them powers make them like a cyborg. Would their body contain machinery that someone with Technopathy could hack?

2. I have been working on a character named "Nephlim". He is supposed to have a power set similar to Martian Manhunter.

Specifically, they are. 

The problem is making the origin story. I am trying to make it so he gained his powers from a fusion of Bio-TechPsionics, and Mysticism. I want it be that he was born with some of his powers (like a Metahuman) but was further empowered by outside forces. If you have any ideas, I am open to hear them.

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