• Zxankou14

    Two Questions

    1. I have been asking this around but, would using biotechnology on a person to give them powers make them like a cyborg. Would their body contain machinery that someone with Technopathy could hack?

    2. I have been working on a character named "Nephlim". He is supposed to have a power set similar to Martian Manhunter.

    Specifically, they are. 

    • Psionic-Magic Manipulation 
      • Esoteric Flame Manipulation
      • Force Field Generation
    • Ethereal Physiology
      • Planeswalking/Teleportation
      • Superhuman Condition
      • Shapeshifting
        • Ultimate Intangibility
        • Invisibility
      • Extrasensory Perception
      • X-Ray Vision
      • Sonic Scream

    The problem is making the origin story. I am trying to make it so he gained his powers from a fusion of Bio-Tech, Psionics, and Mysticism. I want it be that he…

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  • Zxankou14

    What is Bio Tech Exactly?

    December 21, 2015 by Zxankou14

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have read the pages Psionic Bio Tech and Psionic Magic. I like both pages, and think there should be a page where all three are combined, but I do not know the nature of "Bio-Tech".

    Is it a practice that uses chemicals or machinery? If it was used on someone, would they be vulnerable to Technopaths? How would the process modify the subject exactly? What are some examples of Bio-Tech?

    If anyone has the answers, please reply with them.

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  • Zxankou14

    Hello fellow true believers. This is Zxankou14 comin at ya. I just want to announce that I am creating a new wiki where users of this wiki can take their favorite powers and use to create their own fantasy warrior. It is called Nephlim of the Demigod Realms and here you can also create types of races, alternate dimensions (called Warpzones). I hope you all will visit the site to helpadd to it. THANK YOU. :)

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  • Zxankou14

    Hello everyone, If you haven't noticed, I have placed new articles regarding to the Numen and Emere. However, I am lacking in information regarding all their actual powers. The ones I listed now are guesses based on their nature. For all those mythology experts, please resond with any listing of their actual Applications, Pleeeeeaaase.

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  • Zxankou14

    Hey guys. I have always been curious about this. In the Solar and Lunar Manipulation articles, they are associated with concepts like ego or emotions. What are some mythical associations that stars themselves have.

    P.S. The Mythical powers on the page right now was just an imagined guess

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