I made this blog as i would like to get my ideas out there and im not sure of any other way of doing it :)

Ok heres my idea we need more Weird Power! or more limted powers as i feel we are coming to an end of powers to think of. So far most of the powers i seen are powerful or too powerful and what i mean by this is that a lot of powers can do every thing. so when it comes to say writing a book you end up with 5 people all with fire powers they each do some thing different with it some have healing fire some have "blue" burn but nontheless they are all fire power.

What we need are more close ended powers ones that can only do one thing. we need weird mad powers like a a ability turning animals into weapons (got that from a manga Takamagahara if you wanted to know) we need un-polished powers that are just werid mad and cazy!

Now this is the part where i say sorry if im not makeing much sense and im also sorry if this is out of place as this is my first time doing this. :)

P.s love the wiki