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  • Zigg The Dragon God

    Name: Gail Nguyen. 

    Alias: Alpha, The Oncoming Laziness

    Race: Alpha Human. 

    Gender: Female.

    Age: Eight. [Twenty-Three biologically]

    Look: Sortof short light Carmel hair with peircing red eyes, along with the strange "101" under her bottom lip that was branded during her time as a test subject.

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Powers: Alpha Physiology  Maximum Brain Capacity  Telekinesis   Telepathy  Phychic Shield

    Occupation: Professional Slacker/Part-time Hero. 

    Motto: "Can't be bothered."

    Quotes: "When in doubt, get out of doubt." 

    "People always expect me to care about their problems with I have my own problem; we ran out of Lays!"

    Likes: TV, Comedy, Dragons, Generally Good People Who Don't Judge People By Looks. 

    Dislikes: Pretty much everything a normal perso…

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