Humour me please. I'm going insane.Edit

Anyone who's ever been to the Nonexistence page knows how full of randoom chat it is. I hope this could actually be used as an outlet for all of those post which average mabye 10+ a day. Scrolling the page is a nightmare as 90% of the page is comments which printed out would take many peices of paper.

PLEASE. Just please. I'm begging. Use this to talk about all of the Philosophy, Woman's rights, Comic books, Roundhouse kicks, Steak Dinners or whatever. If someone ask a question that get's mutiple or long answers please.

  1. Post a link to this page under the reply of that comment.
  2. Post a comment on this blog of the Comment that started the chain of reply's you just commented on.

I know step 2 makes no sense so here's an example.

  • Anon: Could you use this power to bla bla something bla.
  • DYBAD: YES! How many times do I have to say it! Yes!
  • 5 different Anons: Well what about... But can it... What if...
  • Awesome user who took my advice: "Link to this page."
  • Awesome user who took my advice (Now on this blog): [Quote] Could you use this power to bla bla something bla. [Quote]
  • A.u.w.t.m.a. (N.o.t.b.): Yes.

Is that to much to ask of someone? Is it to hard? There's no way it could possible hinder the process of answering weird questions.

I just hope to god that this works.