Hi guys. You may not no me on this wiki since i'm not really a member. But i do come here often for research on powers and things like that

I'd just like to say a hug thank you for all of the work you guys put into the wiki. I know this must be some seriously hard work with tonnes of discussion and so much information to organize.

As well as saying thank you i'd also like the show you guys a little something i've been working on. I wouldn't have been able to come up with such an idea and the insipration to do these ideas withouth the information of this wiki.

The project is was working on? A story which revolves around a place callled Sholaria. 

Sholaria is a world that is split into 11 Kingdoms, 10 of the kingdoms represent a particular element. However, Kingdom 11 is a Kingdom that was built to represent the unification and peace between the other 10 Kingdoms. This story talks about the adventures of Unit V, a squad of the Kingdom 11 army that undergoes a series of missions which, bit by bit, uncover a sinister plan.

You guys may as well have co-written the story with me. The

Here's the first chapter of my story. Sholaria Tales

Drop a review if you want. I hope you guys continue in your work and keep on going!