Name: Zye

Species: Guardian of The Core

Powers: Greed Embodiment, Greed Manipulation, Greed Constructs and anything Greed Related

Alignment: Himself

Quote: "What's mine is mine, definetely not yours, touch my stuff I kill you now, IT'S MINE NOT YOURS!"

Occupation: Guardian of Greed

Age: Immortal

Personality: Zye is extremely greedy and rude. He also is very combative. He loves to kill.

Backstory: When Ophidian fought against Proselyte, Ophidian was infected with 'Compassion's Bliss' by Proselyte. Ophidian created a "child" or Guardian, Zye. Zye guarded Ophidian and ridded Ophidian of  'Compassion's Bliss' in order for him to maintain being Ophidian. Zye briefly met Kya and hated her. Their battle was of such intensity that even Zeytran who was in fifteen dimensions away could feel it.