Name: Zeytran

Species: One-Of-A-Kind

Powers: All

Alignment: Himself, but will usually team with others

Quotes: None

Occupation: Various, most notably is he is considered an "Anti God".

Age: Immortal but looks like a teenager

Personality: Zeytran is very complex. On one side, he loves peace and likes to avoid fighting and cares about others. But on the other hand he is extremely well in combat

Backstory: Zeytran was born to an extremely rich family. Zeytran was born during a Golden Age of Technology. However in an experiment attempting to pierce reality and meet god, Zeytran who was never supposed to be there, the experiment  went wrong, he was shunned out of all reality. He met with Jixi, the Goddess of Wishes, she offered him infinite wishes in exchange for a friend. Zeytran smiled viciously. His first wish, was that Jixi gave him every single ability, which took a long time to finish as Jixi had no jursidiction over her brother Kian who oversaw such things like that. After that, his next wish was that Jixi returned him into reality, but she come with. And, his final wish: That he had infinite wishes. After that Jixi became his best friend.