YJF: Lord of Darkness

aka I was reborn from the Angel of Darkness

  • I live in The Realm of Hatred
  • My occupation is Ruler
  • I am Male
  • YJF: Lord of Darkness

    Name: Zye

    Species: Guardian of The Core

    Powers: Greed Embodiment, Greed Manipulation, Greed Constructs and anything Greed Related

    Alignment: Himself

    Quote: "What's mine is mine, definetely not yours, touch my stuff I kill you now, IT'S MINE NOT YOURS!"

    Occupation: Guardian of Greed

    Age: Immortal

    Personality: Zye is extremely greedy and rude. He also is very combative. He loves to kill.

    Backstory: When Ophidian fought against Proselyte, Ophidian was infected with 'Compassion's Bliss' by Proselyte. Ophidian created a "child" or Guardian, Zye. Zye guarded Ophidian and ridded Ophidian of  'Compassion's Bliss' in order for him to maintain being Ophidian. Zye briefly met Kya and hated her. Their battle was of such intensity that even Zeytran who was in …

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  • YJF: Lord of Darkness

    Name: Kya

    Species: Guardian of The Core

    Powers: Hope Embodiment, Hope Manipulation, Hope Constructs and anything Hope Related

    Alignment: Unknown

    Quotes: "Hope is like a flame. It can consume you're soul, it can reject, it can cause an inferno, but you cannot truely douse it."

    Occupation: Guardian of Hope

    Age: Immortal

    Personality: Kya is extremely hopeful and nice. She also prefers to fight later and try to talk instead of fight. She is not above fighting though, and will do so if it helps.

    Backstory: When Adara fought against Parallax, Adara realised that it needed to create a guardian. Adara created Kya to guard itself. Kya then decided she would guard Adara, at a cost. She wanted a shred of Adara's power to effectively do it. Adara did so, and …

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  • YJF: Lord of Darkness

    Name: Zeytran

    Species: One-Of-A-Kind

    Powers: All

    Alignment: Himself, but will usually team with others

    Quotes: None

    Occupation: Various, most notably is he is considered an "Anti God".

    Age: Immortal but looks like a teenager

    Personality: Zeytran is very complex. On one side, he loves peace and likes to avoid fighting and cares about others. But on the other hand he is extremely well in combat

    Backstory: Zeytran was born to an extremely rich family. Zeytran was born during a Golden Age of Technology. However in an experiment attempting to pierce reality and meet god, Zeytran who was never supposed to be there, the experiment  went wrong, he was shunned out of all reality. He met with Jixi, the Goddess of Wishes, she offered him infinite wishes in e…

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