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  • Wyver Luna

    Radio Conversion: Azure Fenrir

    Epithet Foriegn Data
    Alignment Neutral
    Race Human / EM Being / EM Human
    Gender Male / Female / Male
    Age 17 / Unknown / 17
    Birthday 1/21 (Aquarius)/ Unknown / 1/21
    Blood Type O / None / None
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Netopia (Outside Imouto-verse)
    Affiliation Satella Police Special Exploration Unit
    Headquarters An appartment in Fennmont (temporary)
    Occupation Technically NEET, "Adventeror"
    Family None Known, even to Lazuli
    Eye Color Emerald / Crimson / Emerald
    Hair Color Black / None (She's energy) / Black 
    Height 175cm / 170cm / 175cm
    Weight 65kg / None / 70kg
    Favorite Food Undecided (Hasn't had much Destiny City food yet)
    Hobby Combat Training, Exploration of the Waveworld , TCGs
    Weapon(s) (Azure Fenrir form only)…

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