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Yaral acts as the savior of the world. Embarked on a mission, he plans to fulfill this task no matter what it takes.

He appears reticent and unfeeling, often speaking in as few words as possible. He is very straightforward quickly getting to the point in his conversations and is determined to complete his tasks. He is a blunt and uncouth figure, focused completely on his mission, and shows little to no emotion.


Phenomenon Elimination: His main power that he uses to fulfill his mission, with it he can eliminate any and all kinds of phenomena. However there are limitations, the more complicated the phenomenon is, the more "tries" he needs to eliminate it, and natural phenomena are harder to eliminate permanently.

Void Energy ShiftHe can change his life energy into null energy (or "deletenergy" as he calls it)  that acts as a power scource for his main ability. But there's a limit of how much energy he can use at once.