In attempting to recreate the supernatural capabilities of the species known as First Generation an unnamed group of scientists started to conduct experiments in drug-induced mind control. This was known as Project WEBMAKER, and although the results were inconclusive, it led to Project TRIGGER, which investigated methods for inducing amnesia and implanting posthypnotic suggestions in order to create an artificial "evolution" proccess of the human brain.

At first the experiments were conducted covertly, under the guise of psychological research, and most participants had no idea who the researchers really were.

However by unknown reasons the population of Power Users was affecter by a "death wave" after the sudden desctruction of Patagonia leaving less than 10 in the world and making the study of real supernatural abilities impossible, but this didn't stop the research.

In attempting to follow the progress of test subjects that had failed to exhibit any psychic powers after being dosed with activation drugs, the scientists, that started follwing some psychic waves they detected, making a startling and somewhat foreboding discovery in the Pacific Ocean: A stone-like life form that generated ungodly ammounts of different kinds of energy, including psychic and unidentified "empty emissions". They created a method to redirect that phychic energy into human brains in safe ammounts, infusing it with energy that later the subject would manifest in different ways or "powers".

Using this huge discovery as excuse the construction of the "biggest laboratory" started, and it took place in a manmade island also situated in the Pacific Ocean. The island started developing fast enough to become the most technologically advanced place in the world and even an independent state. It's size grew up to eight thousand square kilometers and it became the Helise known in the actual days.