-They're no longer humans... they are the last step before we turn into gods! 

The arrival of a new age!

Power users (used to first and second generation equaly) are individuals, human like 2nd gen or "Homo Regnum" as 1st gen, capable of using supernatural powers. Many join together and form organized groups, but some prefer to remain private individuals living ordinary lives, while others use their powers either in service to others or to make a living. Other than their powers, most ability users are able to perceive other users in the area.


Homo Regnum was the name of  an inactive species that lived among normal humans without knowledge of their true nature. When the "entity" merged with mankind all power users around the world "awakened", becoming aware of the fact that they are beyond humans!

The entity bestowed it's different abilities into them so each power user has one of the entity's power appart from their natural abilities.


Each user has a different power, but all of them share common traits caused by their evolution.

  • Enhanced Physical Condition: Their bodies have been improved far beyond human capabilities, but they keep the same intelligence level as normal humans. Physically they are almost completely supernatural. If a power user had some kind of handicap from before awakening then it probably won't be able of using most of these physical abilities.
    • Enhanced Strength: Power users are able to generate up to 7,000 newtons of force with a punch, more than that exerted down by a half-ton on Earth's surface, but they can't keep using this strength for extended periods of time.
    • Enhanced Speed: Power users can run as fast 40 mph, with a foot-ground contact times of less than one-tenth of a second.
    • Enhanced Jump: As most power users ay, they feel "light", being able to jump an height of 9 meters with ease.
    • Enhanced Healing: They have cells with the ability to become differentiated on their own and move to repair different types of tissue depending on where the damage is located (these cells are not supernatural, as they're present in other organisms). Minor wounds such as cuts or bruises are gone within a day, more serious injuries like broken bones, burns or damaged organs can heal if the user rests for a few days. Amputated limbs or organs can be regenerated, but the user would need to rest for entire weeks. Their regeneration works as an acceleration proccess, this means that the more they rest the faster they heal, however this speed up only lasts until the user is fully recovered or is back on physical activity again.
  • Instinctive Relative Sense: Power users are able to feel each other's location within a certain area, but this ability is not perfect, and they can detect other users' presence but not precise location.

Second Generation

When Add ended the fragment within Anne almost all power users around the world died as the ones who couldn't asimilate the entity, leaving no more than 9 first generation users in the whole planet.

After Add's return from his "blackout" he discovered that Helise was announcing the beggining of a new age with his "evolutive program". 

Second Generation power users are the ones who had the correct aptitudes for Helise's evolving program, developing one power each after the experiment. This generation of Users lacks of all the common traits of the First Generation, being normal humans with an "ability".

Stress and IQ

Stress: When their stress is too high, Power Users becomes unable of fully using their abilities. If they try to still use their powers in that state they'll start having several nosebleeds, headaches and dizziness, often ending in a collapse that can result in temporal coma.

IQ: The intelligence of Power Users directly affects their control over the power they have, specially when it comes to kinetic powers, as they need great concentration and understanding of the User's surroundings.


This is a term used by Helise's scientists to refer to Power Users that developed powers and characteristics beyond the limitsof normal users.

This process itself is actually quite simple yet not easily achieved. The user must have a revelation important enough to have an influence in the way he/she sees the world itself. However, this process makes the user's stress reach levels high enough to fall in coma after the event, awakening in normal conditions without keeping any traits developed during their self-fulfillment. The revelations are easier to achieve when the user's IQ isn't beyond 170 or below 100.

It's very hard (if not impossible) for a First Generation User to achieve self-fulfillment.