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Personal Information

Worst Hero Ever

Stubborn Bastard


Fighter: Hero







Status Alive

Hero, adventurer


Neutral Good

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color



1' 79 m

Strength 75/100
Intelligence 50/100
Magic 30/100
Speed 65/100

Nai is a wandering hero searching for adventures and trying to improve his abilities in order to help everyone he can.


As a Hero he has acess to any kind of weapon without level restriction, but he still needs to level-up to get new abilities and upgrade his stats.


Striker! : If Nai is at least two levels ahead his enemy then his chances of making critical attacks are increased in a 40% when it comes to physical attacks.

NoDeath : If he manages to strike three times then, when he gets damage, no matter how strong the attack was he'll still have at least the 5% of his HP.

LoneFighter : With each team member fallen his NoDeath's HP amount is increased by 5 points.


Accuracy  : Selects one opponent and makes him unable to dodge attacks, but only lasts until he himself takes amage.

DamageSpread: The damage dealed to one enemy while using this ability is partially shared with another opponent.

Special Powers

Chosen one : He was suppossed to become some kind of path maker for others, but instead he decided to wander the world as a hero, becoming an anomaly in the system, leaving his existence and role undefined, bending some of the rules of his class (this is what allows him to use different types of weapons). Also, as a hero, he can't stay dead until he reached his goal. The powers of the hero can't be removed and because he is a chosen one he is unique.


Nai is someone who is not good with words, so often says what he thinks without thinking about it.

He is almost always a happy and rarely shows any signs of distress. Nai is a person with incredibly strong resolve who will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish something that is important to him without any hesitation, but is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control his actions from time to time despite trying to mask them with happiness.


Backpack: Big and with a lot of space for items, can be used as shield at the cost of probably breaking the objects inside.

His smile! : Charming!

Fighting Style

Nai uses everything he can find as weapon but he mostly acts as a human shield for his allies when they are unable to defend themselves. When he beats an opponent he makes sure to let them live their lifes, but without doing bad things, this aspect of him makes many of his former enemies want to become his allies.

His stats and abilities can be improved by XP points or training!


Nai means mother in galician language.

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