"Did I really make a mistake? It keeps getting worse and worse, but I somehow like it."
― Add Schwarth
Add Schwarth

Unkillable Monster



Race Mess
Laterality Right
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday ???
Blood Type B+
Personal Data
Birthplace Dawn City
Affiliation None


Base of Operations None
Family ???
Favorite Food Flesh
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Height 1'77 m
Weight 73 kg
Power Conclusion Dominance
Hobbies Cooking
Forte in sports None
Weapon None
Fighting style Regeneration Combat
Lorn - Inverted

Lorn - Inverted

Lorn - Entangled

Lorn - Entangled

Add Schwarth is a former human being that became the entity known as the Unkillable monster after using his power on himself, becoming completely immortal. He is unable to stay dead by any means.


Add is a man of young appearance, normal height and in good physical shape. He has messy brown hair and dead fish eyes.

He is almost always wearing stripped green T-shirt underwhatever jacket he has on.


Add was born in Dawn City. He grew up sorely unimpressed by the paranormal events that gathered in the city, thinking that they took place for no reason, like everything else, and that existence was but a brief aberration in an eternity of death. Power, Success, and joy were as transitory as weakness, failure, and misery for him. This way of thinking was most likely caused by his status as the embodiment of endings.

As he learned to manifest his power, Add used them to get rid of people he didn't like. One of his targets was Regalia; he told Regalia that a something as erratic like her was not necessary in the world he envisioned. At first Regalia ignored Add, and not even ten of the 3 billions of Regalias thought of Add as important. Add took advantage of this for a surprise attack, and ripped off her face with his bare hands. This drove Regalia into a rage. She lost herself in anger, killing Add countless times, exactly a centillion, until Add finaly broke and begged her to stop. He was banished from Dawn City, forced to wander aimlessly forever.


Conclusion Dominance:  Add was not only utterly unkillable, but also had complete control over conclusions. He had the ability to manipulate endings, being essentialy able to completely eliminate anything. This ability could also be used to control the final fate of things by changing their end, which allowed Add to set how and when did something reach their conclusion, and which conclusion that was. Tampering with the Omega Reality was no easy task though, and Add was usually restricted to a very small pool of endings he could achieve, mainly just eliminationdestruction or erasure. His powers grew with time. There were no requirements for him to develop but at the same time there was no way for him to actively progress. Add lost the ability to use it after becoming immortal.


Add can survive absolutely anything without any limit or condition, including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible, endlessly reviving from any death or destruction, overriding all powers. Every rule is flat out ignored, every change is rewritten. He comes back every time he dies, no matter how devastating his destruction was or which powers were used against him. His unkillability will adjust its effects on Add in accordance with the conditions it meets, ranging from regenerating normal physical wounds to walking unscathed from conceptual destruction.

Endless: Simply going beyond the rules. He can survive anything, ignoring logic and reason. No matter what you throw at him, Add will just shrug off the damage and come back. Unlimited recovery options, instantly resurrecting from whatever you throw at him as if it never happened.


Regeneration Combat: A grotesque fighting style that relays on Add's regenerative capabilities. He will never get tired, hungry or thirsty. Any damage he takes during combat only makes him heal faster, to the point where he can regenerate from just a head in a couple seconds.


Impossible Physiology: Add is a…thing, considered impossible by all standarts, which has somehow formed a "shell" or "growth" that we call Add. What he is, is still unknown, but there are some things clear. He has a form we would call "corporeal". Hurting it is like shaving the hair off a human: annoying, but not deadly. Conventional thinking does not apply to him anymore. Add is functioning on his own rules, not ours. It's like playing checkers against someone playing chess. it's the same board, but the rules and the pieces are totally different, or maybe we aren't even playing the same game.

Add's unique physiology is a phenomenon that can't literally exist, even by eldritch standarts. Though on the outside he looks like a normal human , internally he can be described as a completely impossible being. Add's perception of things is highly alien too , in some sort of inverse way as they really are: he sees himself as a normal human and the world aroud him as a fleshy gore mess, while it really is the opposite.




While he kept his five basic senses, his new physiology granted him the ability to perceive the true and chaotic aspects of reality.



Killing him with the least amount of damage will cause him to take a longer time resurrecting, due to the fact that his Accelerating Regeneration doesn't have time to kick in. A bullet to the head can keep him dead longer than blowing him up. 

It's easy to outsmart Add since he acts almost solely on instinct. His fighting style is very weak against incapacitation techniques


Add appears to be a very negative individual, not caring about his pessimistic way of thinking hurting others.The combination of his unkillability, and bizarre fighting style often causes his battles to become grotesque.

Even when ending things is like a basic need to him, Add demonstrates impressive restraint with his power, considering that he is utterly unkillable and able to annihilate anything. He mostly stays defensive and avoids using Conclusion Dominance as much as possible, since it would cause more devastation than necessary.

Add doesn't understand or try to understand others, ignoring their feelings all together. Since he attained eternal life, his ability to feel any and all emotions has dulled considerably. Life has begun to bore him, as there is no possible threat to his existence. Though overall, because of the conflicting nature of his Alien Mind, a great deal of his unhappiness is self-inflicted due to the steadfast willingness to stay unhappy and impose that unhappiness on others when the opportunity arises.

Add has a vague guilt that his passive, unobservant approach to life has limited his perspective, highly valuing immediate gratification wherever he can get it to relieve the stress this causes. He seems to have something like an aimless death wish after his "transformation", and seems generally unafraid, even sometimes willing, to approach death whenever he can.

He has seriously contemplated destroying everything, himself included, without apparent reason.


-Add learned to write and read at the age of 13, and he still has a hard time doing both things.

-When he gets angry his voice sounds doubled.




"I don't feel too well. I need fucking help."

"I made a mistake"

"Please, comply."

"Hello Add how are you? I'm... good thank you for asking."

"Cheers. You look like a car crash."

"I'm getting tired."

"Cocky little freaks!"

"Death is just a disease, and I am the cure for it."

"Is that the best damage you have against me, pussy boy?"


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