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Character Sheet: Add Schwarth

Add Schwarth

Personal Information

Unkillable Monster 


Immortal Monstrosity





Status Sealed

Neutral Regenerator


Living life, cooking

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color Redish

1' 77 m (5,8 ft)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Absolute Unkillability
Powers Inaccessible Removal
Strength C+
Speed C
Intelligence C-


" that will leave a scar...Oh wait, it won't!"

Add is the Unkillable Monster, an entity, if he can be described as such thing, that reached the point of becoming the hardest thing to kill of the omniverse, something like an omnipotent level cockroach.

Archetypes: Complete ImmortalityIdiot HeroThe FoolDid You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?Dumb is Good, Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!, Wowing Cthulhu, Good Thing You Can Heal.


He doesn't remember when it finished, but that's the only thing he forgot about his universe. Sometimes he thinks that one of the perks of immortality is that he will be able to remember them, the people he met, the people he cared about, the island, his little apartment where he had his famous "pizza nights" with all the gang.

Now he is drifting across universes and realities without even noticing, he met others and he cared about them too, but always knowing that his path will continue while their ends sooner or later.

Many tried to stay by his side, but they didn't do much than lasting a bit longer, just to vanish later on.

In his endless way he uses to enter a trance state where he remembers some parts of this path, not even knowing what is a true memory and what is part of his imagination that is lying to him to prevent a complete breakdown: maybe the time he drunk experimental beer with some friends, or when he spent his summer in a resort for true gods...

Suicide is futile, and not even the Nigh-Omnipotents of the highest tier can kill him permanently, so he just waits.

Add is certainly alive, not amortalundead, or beyond life and death, but now life has a completely new and unique meaning to him.

Past Records


During the Third Stage of his personality degeneration Add tried to use his power to "remove" nothingness, causing a new universe to be created. However, he did not know about this, so the universe developed more and more, to the point where selected races had achieved enlightened states of perception, powerful enough to make contact with their creator and bring him to their domains.

Add took his time to understand the situation, the fact that he created an entire new universe was hard to get in his head, but then he reached a conclusion only an idiot like him could reach: maybe as the universe developed someone wiht his same powers appeared.

So Add forced the until nw peaceful race of enlighted to locate every single planet with living beings on it and destroy it, to see if something survived. But there was no luck. And soon the race he used to destroy the others was the only one left. Devastated, the enlightened ones couldn't do nothing but obey their creator and destroy themselves too. Again no immortals were found.

Add removed the universe after it.


A group of powerful entities sealed Add away during an event known as The Hunt.

First Add was completely destroyed, leaving enough time to access his true form, which existed outside everything. They created a new eternal realm where nothing could be, exist, or live, and they left him in there before completely isolating that realm.

The Unkillable Monster is waiting for a chance to get out. 


"Well fuck humanity and all humans! I hated being one anyway..." -Sometimes hypocrisy is the only way to endure the pain.

Absolute Unkillability

Add's immortality is beyond any scale or definition. It breaks every single law, logic and concept. Using any kind of power against it is like shaving the hair off a human: annoying, but not deadly. He will always come back no matter how impossible or contradictory, overriding all other forces and abilities like they didn't exist at all. It's a level above the other types of complete immortality.

Complete Removal

Add's power, a truly fearsome ability, becuse who wouldn't be afraid complete and perfect removal. Targets of this ability are simply gone, nor erased nor destroyed, not even negated. Powers, principles, definitions, concepts, beings...everything can be removed, and not even Add knows how to bring them back. He can remove more than one target at a time with no problem, as he eliminated a the powers of a Nigh-Omnipotent and Author status. But he needs to focus to use it and can't use it while healing!

  • Immunity BypassingBeing an Omni Power this ability can ignore immunities to it's effects. Immunities like Psychic Shield or Magic Immunity often remain unaffected since the nature of this power isn't magical or psychic.
  • Boundless Elimination: Instead of common erasure, this ability ensures anihilation of the target. It can work on spiritual, mental, physical, conceptual and existential, but magical levels are harder to eliminate.
  • Impossible Physiology: Add is a…thing, considered impossible by all standarts, which has somehow formed a "shell" or "growth" that we call Add. What he is, is still unknown, but there are some things clear. He has a form we would call "corporeal".Hurting it is like shaving the hair off a human: annoying, but not deadly. Time, space, states of matter and concepts function VERY differently to whatever he is now, and it is functioning on those rules, not ours. It's like playing checkers against someone playing chess. it's the same board, but the rules and the pieces are totally different, or maybe we aren't even playing the same game. His current state is even alien to concepts, so they're meaningless and insignificant things to him. Add's unkillability is in a state outside of any perspective, understanding or method of classification. His condition is so far away and different from everything that he isn't even linked to the omniverse.


Add's regeneration can be greatly slowed with powerful single hits like a shot in the head, since he does not take enough damage for his Accelerating Regeneration to kick in so he still stays dead for way longer than normal.

His physical level is just enhanced, so overpowering him isn't a difficult thing to do, let alone outmatching him intellectually...

His healing factor gives him a pretty decent Psychic Shield that can resist mind control powers, but his low intelligence leaves him vulnerable to mind reading abilities.

Ultimate Burning can cause damage that will take more time to heal.

He can be deceived using Illusion Manipulation.

He has way too many problems dealing with everything related to Magic.

If he takes damage that can't be healed or has problems with his regeneration his body will rapidly decay. But a new body will spawn if given enough time.

Post Regenerative State

To make hopes is bad for Add. When he finds something that might be able to kill him he goes after it, embracing the joy of knowing his death is nigh, but when he comes back to life after trying that method Add enters what he defines as Post Regenerative Rage, and proceeds to eliminate the method he used.

In this state Add's physique is augmented beyond his natural capabilities and his healing factor is temporarily upgraded to empower him after regeneration and adapt to whatever caused the damage, turning him into a freakish abomination the more he adapts as he grows claws, dermal armorssharp teeth...


Among the things Add survived there are:

-Being crushed between two multiverses.

-Decades of unstopped consumption of Ultimate Poison.

-Several events of Total Event Collapse.


-Two fights with the Anti-God.

-A few Worst Case Scenarios.

-A staring contest with a very ugly guy.

-Being destroyed inside a Boundless Inner World.

-An Absolute Wish for him to die.

-Being erased from existence several times.

-Having his particles scattered across the Omniverse.

-Being absolutely negated.

-Not just a kill, but THE KILL.

-Having his status changed to "Completely Dead".

-A power specifically created to kill him.

-A "dispute" with an author.

-A couple billion years of memes.

-One Hit Kill.

-Meeting a user of Killing Intuition, the user ony saw a deep void in Add's place.

-Being caught in the middle of an Absolute Explosion.

-Being exposed to both Absolute Zero and Absolute Hot.

-Being willed out of existence and reality.

-Having his principles, his very own fundamental nature, destroyed.

-Getting killed "because its magic".

-Having his origin removed.

-Almighty Link taking away his powers.

-Add is being constantly attacked, however his regeneration managed to reduce the endless attack to a small annoyance.

-Healing Erasure.

-Tasting Irreversible Destruction.


Add did not win the fights listed here, he just survived them.


First Stage

Add usually acts like a lazy asshole when he is with his friends, however, in times of conflict  he becomes an even more aggressive person who acts according to his very own conscience, showing to have a ferocious and vengeful side. Despite this, he is usually able to get off his vicious onslaught when he thinks it is the right thing to do.

Second Stage

He has a strong tendency towards perverted conduct, which is also often the cause of his frequent mishaps and punishments, often given by the girls who accompany him. Despite these situations, he cares for and genuinely respects them, which they, in their own ways, reciprocate. Despite his usual called lazy and pervert personality, does show signs of being very kind underneath his exterior as shown by the various methods he goes through for the sake of other people. However, this comes at a cost of causing pain to himself or others. He often keeps his face stiff and thus surprising everyone by his concern for the individual.

Third Stage

But his personality has degenerated as time went by. Now he has changed into a coky individual with delusions of himself as the ultimate immortal life form, with little to no regard for less powerful beings, let alone common humans. His old personality is still there, just buried under an arrogant and twisted animalistic behaviour.

Point of view

"Well sorry for not having an ever growing potential, or my own philosophy based on my almighty point of view, or ideals that are part of my very own nature, or super edgy looks, or the desire to help others, or a tragic past that makes me want to destroy worlds, or charisma to help me build relationships with others, or the willpower to keep going and getting stronger, or a home to protect and care for, or a place in fate's scheme as the chosen one. But I will see every single one of your funerals."                                                            -Add's thoughts, both on himself and others.

Non transcendent beings

The feeling Add gets from normal beings is that of an old toy which you played with as a kid, and you don't want to throw away as an adult even though you don't really use it. He wants to keep them at all cost, even if later he won't interact with them.

Now this doesn't mean normal living beings are precious for Add, he supports the existence of some of them, disliking humans the most. He has learned to hate humans based on how he sees them as an immortal, pitiful yet disgusting beings, yeah there are good humans, but that won't take away the bad ones.

Transcendent Beings

When Add is around powerful entities the fake humanity that he tries to keep vanishes little by little. This isn't bad at all, it just proves his adaptation ability. Add sees transcendent beings as a whole, not individuals, so he looks at them based on archetypes, specially disliking Reality Warpers and Magicians, as these often provide explanatons for their powers and actions even harder to understand than other beings.

When Add fight a being stronger than him he often just talks while being messed up, annoying them so much they commit suicide.


-Add wants to get a harem, and he probably can.

-He has died over one million times.

-He is very good at cooking.

- When subjected to intense pain, he will temporarily submit to it, but will then overcome such reactions, because he remembers that he cannot die.


"Recover and devour."

"Do not fear death. I can prove that living can be a lot more painful."


"Lets get ready to reap~"

"Does having your eyes ripped out count as a different view?"

"My first victim was my old self!!! "

"Death by my hand...wait, where is my hand?!"

"Hmmm...yeah, blow that planet too."

"Once I get out of this shithole the first thing I'll do is anihilate everything, just to make you feel sheer despair, then I'll go eat some pizza..." (He didn't notice that after anihilating everything there wouldn't be pizzas)


  • Fighting: 
DotEXE- Come Back To Me
  • Resurrection:
Spag Heddy-Mariposa

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