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Character Sheet: Add Schwarth

"I've just noticed... I will die if you kill me!"

-Even if it's truly an idiot Add can... wait, he's just an idiot.

Add was the 'human with a unique ability' who caused the second Death Wave that killed almost all Power Users (Homo Regnum), despite his unlimited regenerative capabilities he doesn't have any other "real" physical powers. He's usually decipted as the prototype of naive hero because of his good will and sense of justice. 

Add Schwarth

Personal Information


Unkillable Monster 




????? (Human formerly)





Status Unknown

20th March


Carson City (Nevada)

Ethnic Origin

Half American half Belgium

Sexual Orientation

Hot chicks!


Chronic stupidity



Professional Information


Power Users


Hero (autoproclaimed)

Base of Operations His apartment
Extra Information

Neutral Good




Living life, cooking

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color



1' 77 m (5,8 ft)

Powers and Abilities

Irrational Immortality


The End

IQ 87
Stress level High
Level D


When being beaten up



Add has messy dark hair and light grey eyes. He looks broad-shouldered and with a "well-endowed" body because he is constantly regenerating.

He's often seen with simple T-shirt or a white hoodie of Helise's own brand, the reason is that because of the nature of his ability his clothes are going to end up ripped apart each time he fights, so he wants to save money.



The first thing created was certainly perfect, but also because of it's perfection it was totally alone.

It wandered the universe searching for a life form to merge with, and then it found the humans, a young race from Earth, curious and still evolving.

We were chosen to hold it's power in exchange for letting it be with us.


When the entity entered Earth and released it's powers into some humans, the ones who couldn't asimilate that energy died of total biological failiure, but the ones who did became power users.

Add was born in Carson City (Nevada) being the son of Leah Halls, a native woman from Las Vegas, and Noah Schwarth, a Belgian tourist who decided to stay when he met Leah. At the age of 16 he became a power user by getting a "fragmet" of the entity inside him. At first he thought that his power was just the normal enhanced condition common in power users and, after showing his abilities to his parents, he started a journey to look for answers. In his way he crossed paths with Anne Collet, his ex-girlfriend, who also became a power user of hypercompetence, and joined her.

In his search for a place for power users Add arrived to Helise, an artificial island created as a huge scientific facility. After gathering as much information as he could he left the island in order to look for a huge power fragment that ended up at the Titikaka lake. On their way Add and Anne met Karina Petrova and her group, a bunch of power users who where also looking for that fragment. Karina used her mental manipulation powers with Anne, making her an apathic puppet perfect for evolving by asimilating the fragment.

After they got the fragment into Anne, she developed nonexistence, becoming a "anomaly" in the power user system, and geting out of control, breaking from Karina's mental control.Then she then flew to the Tierra del fuego archipelago, where she started anihilating anything she saw.

When Add managed to get there after fighting Karina's group he tried to talk to her, but got his left arm destroyed and almost killed (at that moment he didn't know about his regeneration powers). With his last energy he moved the entire island where they were fighting away from civilization and proceeded to use his End Creation, turning Anne's nonexistence into existence, trapping her into an stone-like form and then he letting her sink in the Pacific ocean, where she is still trapped.


After the events in his journey and trapping Anne he completely vanished, litterally he wasn't anywhere anymore, and appeared again an entire year later, floating on the same place where he had his fight with Anne, with no memories of what happened in the time he was missing. This is probably the time when he erased his end. A drone of Helise found him and his body was taken to the island, where it miracously revived, but with no memories of anything before that day, not even remembering who he was.


Most of Add's supernatural capabilities are just side effects from his The End power.


Add has a Regenerative Healing Factor that is improved temporaly with Accelerating Regeneration when he takes damage for a long time. He has currently achieved absolute level but he'll eventually reach a superior and unknown level. Even if he can heal from anything his regeneration time is very unstable, being as fast as the basic healing factor common in power users the most of the times and healing almost instantly sometimes. This power allows him to heal others via transfusions, and makes him able to "be alive when he's supossed to be dead".

Add counts with the physical capabilities of Power Users and is able to feel other users in the area around him.

Add's powers are impossible to be mimicked as if by any means gets replicated, the one who tries to copy him will only get a weak healing factor. Also, his powers cannot be removed permanently, because he can "regenerate" them.

The End

Add's main power. He literally creates, deletes and manipulates ends in all their meanings and forms, from methaphysical to conceptual things like some phenomena however he wants, ending everything. Even though he could easily overwhelm other power users with such ability he doesn't use it in real fights. This could also be the reason of his immortality, though this is just a rumor he could have just erased his own "end" in order to prevent death by any way. He became an anomaly in the system of power because of his abnormal survivability, bending most of logic rules without noticing in order to keep himself alive at a metapotent level, but still not able to control it or even notice it.

It is a…thing, considered impossible by all standarts, which has somehow formed a "shell" or "growth" that we call Add. What he is, is still unknown, but there are some things clear. He has a form we would call "corporeal". Anything dealing with normal biological processes does not count with Add. Hurting it is like shaving the hair off a human: annoying, but not deadly.

Time, space, states of matter and concepts function VERY differently to whatever he is now, and it is functioning on those rules, not ours. It's like playing checkers against someone playing chess. it's the same board, but the rules and the pieces are totally different, or maybe we aren't even playing the same game. His current state is even alien to concepts, so they're meaningless and insignificant things to him.

Instead of being just an "endless" being he can also restore himself no matter what, indepently of being something that can kill him ("end" him) or just injure him making this a function appart from his end erasure.

Last Chance

Add's epithet "Unkillable Monster"  is not only because of his immortality, but also because he truly is a monster; and as a monster he is fearsome. This state is different from normal self fullfillment Power Users have, since he is human (or at least was human) and cannot reach it.

He achieved this form once, in Iceland, during his fight with Cilt-1 (also known as God), a being with the enhanced body of a hommunculus but with the powers developed by the Evolutive Process; his ability was the constant creation of powers adapted to the situation he was in (these powers only had one use, after it they were gone until he created them again) so he was able to effectively counter Add's The End power and even his regenerative capabilities to some extent. During the fight Add whispered something and then apparently desintegrated, just to appear behind God and cause an implosion that destroyed Cilt's torso, right arm and his entire right leg. Cilt wasn't able to regenerate or reverse the effects of this attack no matter what ability he created, so he decided to use his last attack: a huge psychokinetic wave of pure destructive energy... but it was useless, Add grabbed the wave like a solid thing and simply threw it to the sky, destroying Saturn, all it's moons and even ripping appart the portion of universe where the planet was.

After that Add's body started to vanish, his brain functions reversed to that of a mindless beast and he started to consume Cilt's body like a wild animal to keep himself there by assimilating the life energy of God, who was still alive. Finally Add dissapeared completely.

For almost an entire year everyone belived him to be dead (irony, my only immortal character is the one who dies) but recently there have been strange rumors abot him being alive somewhere in Naxos, Greece.


In this form, Add let' his power take control of him, and his regeneration is boosted to a state where he can restore himself no matter what instantly. His regeneration of normal physical damage causes his body to change. He becomes 1'90 m tall, his arms and back grow an 'armor' made of bones. his arms become almost twice long. His actions cannot be reversed or blocked, so the damage he causes is irreversible by any means or powers.

There's something called "Badass adaptive regeneration" that allows him to break logic, adapting to anything after regeneration. This doesn't gran immunity to whatever he adapted to, but instead makes it useless, causing it's effect to become meaningless against him, so Add would only need to heal physical damage.

Fighting Style Because of his impossibility to fully use his End Creation Add often compensates his poor combat skills with his regeneration, letting his opponent attack him in order to get closer and engage close physical combat. However, if he manages to use The End, he'd finished the battle without problem.

"Just... deal with it..."-Add referring to his peculiar immortality.

The nature of it

Add's true power is something not from outside (like omnilock) but just 'different'. The closest way of describing his unkillability is as Irrational Immortality, something like a blank point above anything and everything, beyond any scale or definition.


Add usually acts as a lazy asshole when he is with his friends, however, in times of conflict, this aspect of his personality disappears, and he becomes an even more aggressive person who acts according to his very own conscience. showing to have a ferocious and vengeful side to his personality. Despite this, he is usually able to get off his vicious onslaught when he thinks it is the right thing to do.

He has a strong tendency towards perverted conduct, which is also often the cause of his frequent mishaps and punishments, often given by the girls who accompany him. Despite these situations, he cares for and genuinely respects them, which they, in their own ways, reciprocate. Despite his usual called lazy and pervert personality, does show signs of being very kind underneath his exterior as shown by the various methods he goes through for the sake of other people. However, this comes at a cost of causing pain to himself or others. He often keeps his face stiff and thus surprising everyone by his concern for the individual.

Altruistic bastard

He is mostly result-oriented, hence he is not bothered by any process, as long as no other person gets hurt other than himself and if it gives him the desired result. He will even challenge entire armies if he has to. As a result, most of his actions are loathed by those who are aware of his true intentions.

Many people that know him pointed out that his intentions of helping others are not a good reason for him to hurt himself, as even if he himself is used to the pain, there are those who will find it painful to see him hurt.

His non-conflict oriented personality is shown to have a strong tendency towards perverted conduct, which is also often the cause of his frequent mishaps and punishments, often given by the girls who accompany him. Despite these situations, he cares for and genuinely respects them, which they, in their own ways, reciprocate. He is a pervert who would be able to fantasize about a given person at any point in time. Add, despite his usual called lazy and pervert personality, does show signs of being very kind underneath his exterior as shown by the various methods he goes through for the sake of other people. However, this comes at a cost of causing pain to himself or others. He often keeps his face stiff and thus surprising everyone by his concern for the individual.

Add believes that he is insignificant and is thus willing to become the scapegoat, no matter how significant the situation is to him, in order to protect everyone and keep them happy. He is mostly result-oriented, hence he is not bothered by any process, as long as no other person gets hurt other than himself and if it gives him the desired result.


He might be the one who will cause everything to end, even if he doesn't want to


These are Add's relations with other characters from this wiki:


Alex Iuden : Alex is one of the most powerful entities that vistited this universe.Alex feels curiosity about Add, seen him as a great ally, comrade and posible friend. Who said that the most powerful and the weakest could not be friends?

Cassius : Add is a former member of the U.U.E. that took the role of errant boy and research subject. He joined it because of the influential propaganda, beliving that he was actually helping the world.Now as a reward for his work, if he gets killed by Omnipotence, the only known force able to stop him, then his "Cassius Spawn Point" will simply bring (in the U.U.E. universe) him back and then send him back to his universe.

Lilia : As his friend, adviser, and counselor, Lilia frequently scolds and physically harms Add in order to try to get his act together. Add often reciprocates her actions by making comments about her annoyance. Despite that, she genuinely cares about his well-being, enough to force him to leave the U.U.E, and understands him deeply. Lilia often keeps track of him.She also hinted at knowing about his "accidents", but to what extent and whether she knows of other members' involvement is questionable.

The Three Assholes... and a lady

This group talks about what could be classified as Add's best "friends", they could be considered his squad.

Adam:   She acts as the straight one of the group. She is usually involved in Add's and Aaron's wild ideas despite her disapproval. Besides her diligent nature Adam usually goes along with the absurde pranks that her friends do, even being the one who iniciates them sometimes. Despite the fact that they always seem to enjoy her company. She's the only girl in the group, and is often seen hugging Add and calling him things like "dummy" to tease him, but also caring a lot about him.

Aaron:   Aaron usually acts immature together with Add, he gets himself into trouble more often than he should. Despite his bad boy looks, he is actually quick-witted and smart. Thanks to this he's the "cool" in the group, often seen as the leader by other people and being the one who usually ends arguments. 

Add's role in the group: Despite his behavior and unusual actitude, he obviously cares deeply about his friends and the eccentric manner he adopts when he is around them is his way of expressing affection. He gets bored and irritated easily, those character traits often influence Adam and Aaron to do stupid things according to his whims. He's usually decipted as the weaker of them, but still manages to miracolously keep up with them somehow.

Adrian: Despite his looks and charisma, he is a bit of an idiot. He seems to be quite insensitive at times. He acts like the tough guy of the group but despite this, he has never showed any violent tendency outside of occasional hitting his friends when they are too annoying. Adrian is also a generally good-hearted person, who usually apologizes in the name of the group when Aaron isn't able to get rid of the problems they make.

The Ladies

This are the most influential girls in Add's life!

Naomi : Add greatly admires Naomi as his senior, and he views her as adetermined and reliable leader. She is one of the few people to acknowledge his skills, even though she can't recollect his name often at first. She is one of the few to know about his "true skills", given that she asked Add to become a U.R. member. While she initially had a bad impression of his actions, this shown she later came to an understanding on the intent behind everything he does, and does not see Add in a bad light because of it.

Eve : Add's first impression of Eve was that she was an cuter version of Naomi, in others words a goddess with a sly personality, but lacking in diligence from his point of view at the time. 

Eve's "immortality" reminds Add a lot of himself, and he makes frequent comments about their affinity with one another; at one point commenting on how he found her usual teasing nature towards him much cuter than her usual appeal when combined with her beauty. Because of both being unkillable in the end, when nothing is left they will be the only ones. She's another "spawn point" of Add and one of the few who know how to truly kill him.

Masumaki : Masumaki is the only person Add is willing to openly talk to about his personal problems. Though his weird personality is something Mas learned to deal with, she also has her limits and can be truly bothered when Add acts slightly more indifferent to her than usual. Though she can hold a grudge about it for days, she also forgives him easily with just an apology from his part. They have a close sibling-like relationship.

Erina : Add seems to perceive her as a very interesting person who has the courage to do things despite other people's opinions. This is an aspect he would probably respect her for. However, after learning of her sudden affection for him, he found it a little strange. Nonetheless, he does not allow this to obstruct what he does and says around her.

Sagami : Add at first viewed Sagami as another strange person who came to intrude on his life. But after a while, he became accustomed to her mannerisms and attitude, and now considers her a trusted friend. He views all of her cruel behaviour as her defining characteristic, and doesn't truly do anything to stop it.


-Add wants to get a harem, and he probably can.

-When Add's Accelerating Regeneration is active he emmits some kind of "steam" from his wounds, because of the abnormal healing speed even for him.

-He has died over one million times.

-He is very good at cooking.

- When subjected to intense pain, he will temporarily submit to it, but will then overcome such reactions, because he remembers that he cannot die.

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