"Everything is going to be alright"
― Add Schwarth
Add Schwarth

Deathless Monster



Race Human
Laterality Right
Gender Male
Age ???
Birthday ???
Blood Type B+
Personal Data
Birthplace WIP
Affiliation None


Base of Operations None
Family ???
Favorite Food Ice Cream
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Regalia
Height 1'77 m
Weight 73 kg
Power Conclusion Dominance
Hobbies Cooking
Forte in sports None
Weapon None
Fighting style Regeneration Combat
Lorn - Inverted

Lorn - Inverted

Lorn - Entangled

Lorn - Entangled

Add Schwarth is a power user that achieved immortality after using his ability on himself. Now unkillable, he wanders the world aimlessly.


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Add came to existence at an unknown time on Earth. Among the many mysteries that surrownd his sudden appearance on this world there are a few known facts, first, that he propably was mortal at the time, and second, that he was born with his abilit.

Reports of his existence, though rare, can still be found scattered across different eras.



Add's unique power and probable source of his immortality is Conclusion Dominance. With this ability Add has power over endings,manipulating them at will. He can create, eliminate and overall control endings in any way he wishes This power existed by itself before Add even appeared, and every time Add uses this power he is getting closer to becoming one with it.

Endless: Add's most defining trait is that of never truly dying. He can survive anything, ignoring logic and reason. He endlessly revives after any death, no matter how devastating. Add is unaffected by any abilities as long as it means he survives, basically ignoring them as long as they could potentially cause him death or lasting damage.

Regeneration Combat: A grotesque fighting style that relays on Add's regenerative capabilities. He will never get tired, hungry or thirsty. Any damage he takes during combat only makes him heal faster, to the point where he can regenerate from just a head in a couple seconds.

Impossible Physiology: Add's existenceconsidered impossible by all standarts, which has managed to appear without any apparent source..

  • Erasure Immunity
  • Cosmic Otherness: His condition is so far away and different from everything that he isn't even linked to the omniverse. He will always come back no matter how impossible or contradictory, standing outside the ordinary laws of reality and powers.

Chaotic Vision:While he kept his five basic senses, his new physiology granted him the ability to perceive the true and chaotic aspects of reality.


Killing him with the least amount of damage will cause him to take a longer time resurrecting, due to the fact that his Accelerating Regeneration doesn't have time to kick in. A bullet to the head can keep him dead longer than blowing him up. 


Add si a weak-hearted individual who seems to be in a permanent lazy state of mind, with his main goal being peace and does not wanting to be disturbed.

However, in times of conflict, this aspect of his personality disappears, and he is also shown to have an aggressive and vengeful side, becoming a very determined person who speaks, thinks, and acts according to his beliefs. But in the end he still possesses a great deal of control over his emotions, allowing him to withdraw from an anger-fueled, onslaught when he thinks it is the right thing to do. He smiles often, and many of the words he uses are extremely violent or extremely intimidating, but are spoken in such a manner that it is hard to tell how much he is saying is true and how much of what he is saying is just him having fun being intimidating.


If it is of any use, these are Add's stats in vsBattles terms WIP


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