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  • My occupation is I either warm your bread or burn the fuck out of it
  • Woodtoaster

    Alina Karisa

    30 jul 2017 por Woodtoaster


    Epithet Undefinable Monster
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Eldritch Android
    Laterality Variable
    Gender Physically female
    Age 1 year
    Birthday 25th december
    Blood Type 0-
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Transcendent Connection
    Affiliation Monsters
    Occupation Bodyguard
    Base of Operations Immaculate World
    Family None
    Favorite Food Spicy food
    Hair Color Fuchsia
    Eye Color Green
    Height 1'65 m
    Weight 51 Kg
    Power Unlimited Affinity Refining
    Hobbies Unknown
    Forte in sports Gymnastics
    Weapon Cosmic Blades
    Fighting style Unique

    Fairy Tales

    Alina Karisa is an eldritch android who transcended both normal android and human limitations, becoming a new type of existence.

    Unlike both androids and most transcendent beings, Alina started acting more like a human after she tr…

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  • Woodtoaster


    18 jul 2017 por Woodtoaster


    Epithet Straight Line
    Alignment It's complicated
    Race Nope
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Try and guess
    Age Asking that is rude
    Birthday Why the fuck do you care
    Blood Type You won't see him bleed
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Womb
    Affiliation The Hunt
    Occupation Yes, very busy
    Base third base, Home Ruuuuun
    Family Dunno
    Favorite Food Edible food
    Hair Not bald at least
    Eyes Has disgusting eyes
    Height Kinda tall
    Weight Totally not average
    Power Too much to tell
    Hobbies CENSORED
    Fighting style Awesome Fu

    Sweet Melty Memes - TMABird

    Line is...hard to understand, describe, love, care about...

    He killed Rank and stole the Hand just to get bored of it later and destroy it. Also he has a nice pair of thicc eyebrows.

    Line ha slightly tanned skin and his hair…

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  • Woodtoaster

    A perfect being which was the closest thing to what we would call a true god died. It's corpse reached Earth and divided itself into different fragments, each one being a power of the entity's complete arsenal. The fragments fell into several humans, bestowing those powers upon them. The First Generation was born.

    One of the fragments didn't land on ny human, instead it was stuck on a small lake in South America. The First Generation could feel the fragment, still "beating" with the last shred of life from the perfect being. A migration started, from all around the world the First Generation gathered on that lake and a fight and an inevitable war started, a war unkown to the rest of the world. A First Generation tried to end the war destroy…

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  • Woodtoaster

    Mike Lien

    2 jun 2017 por Woodtoaster


    Epithet Old Fart
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Race Human
    Laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 35
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type 0+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace New Zealand
    Affiliation None
    Occupation Unknown
    Base of Operations None
    Family Unknown
    Favorite Food Grilled Meat
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 1'89 m
    Weight 81 Kg
    ??? Logic Rejection
    Hobbies Beer
    Forte in sports Weight Throw
    Weapon None
    Fighting style Street fighting
    Theme Trintix - Another Day

    Mike doesn't have any 'actual power', though interesting things happen when others try to apply both real and fictional logic to him.

    The only notable thing about Mike is his hair, originally black, he dyed it brown.

    Mike is someone who is never noticed by people and doesn't have any talent, but for the sake of o…

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  • Woodtoaster


    Personal Information

    Third Anomaly







    Status Alive

    Chaotic Neutral



    Hair Color


    Hair Style

    Short and spiky

    Eye Color

    Red and yellow


    1' 81 m

    Powers and Abilities
    Abilities Causality Perception

    Inmediate Present

    Level D
    Stress Low
    IQ 172

    Ray Soltan is one of the three humans that have powers other than Power Users both of First and Second generation.

    Ray is a healthy man on his twenties. He is slightly tanned and has short, spiky brown hair.

    He's usually seen wearing business suits as he's constantly looking for new jobs.

    Ray arrived to Helise during the Termination Project, getting himself involved in a fight between the ERT and Phantom's group of First Generation U…

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