Name: Chaklah

Alias: The Provocateur  

Inherent Powers: Cheating (normally limited to Rule Bending), Neural Impulse ManipulationSingularityBadasseryAnti-Hero EmbodimentWeird Attack

Other Powers/Skills: Paranormal Expertise, Psychological IntuitionSpecial Ops Mastery

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (leaning towards Chaotic Good)

Personality: Really eccentric, moving, and insightful yet described as being a true individual; very talkative, moody, and is almost always making a joke about the situation at hand; can be sadistic at times; "awkwardly awesome" as described by most

Tools: Knives, Mysterious Sword, Makarov Pistol

Fighting Style: Based on a variety of martial arts, but particularly a few. Tends to be agile, savage, and focusing on debilitating and penetrating techniques. Uses other’s weapons and many improvisational weapons

Appearance: Tall, lanky, dark dreadlocks, a few esoteric tattoos, and piercings

Background: Born in Africa; raised all around the world; Chaklah is a political leader by birth and he strives to obtain an antivirus called the Black Drop to cure a plague that has set upon his people, which is being hidden by 6 oppressive administrations both within the world and outer space

Base of Operations: Variable

Associates: Cici Indigo, Amir Gillespie, Loria Indigo, Ramses Indigo, Afritex Inc, The Horn



Name: Cici Indigo

Powers: Empathy, Butterfly Effect (limited, could develop), Divided Mind

Other Powers/Skills: Peak Human Combat

Tools: Crossbow; Katana

Alignment: Lawful Good

About: Chaklah's wife and the older sister of Loria Indigo; Cici's empathic powers have caused her to develop another personality named Honey that can be excessively aggressive, violent, and seductive- a stark contrast from her normal identity. When acting as Honey, Cici is unaware of her actions entirely. She cares for her husband and sister dearly, only leaving their home and son Ramses in order to help assist Chaklah in his goal to obtain the Black Drop.

Name: Amir Gillespie

Powers: ???

Other Powers/Skills: Chemical/Medical Intuition, Enhanced Combat/Enhanced MarksmanshipScience Combat

Tools: Brass Knuckles; Rifle; Desert Eagle Pistol

Alignment: Chaotic Good

About: Chaklah's brother by bond; Despite having no talent with supernatural abilities, Amir joined Chaklah on his journey to save his brother's people, but also to chase down the source of a rumor that his cousin died mysteriously in their home country of Pakistan...and possibly to chase the skirt of every girl with his socially awkward flirtation. He taught Cici and Chaklah marksmanship.

Name: Loria Indigo

Powers: Hair ManipulationEntertainment Materialization (limited)

Other Powers/Skills: Enhanced Combat

Tools: Modified Straight Razor

Alignment: Chaotic Good

About: Cici's little sister; She is a quiet and terse girl, yet is the most violent of the group. Her and her sister are extremely close and similar, being mistaken for twins despite only being fraternally related. She doesn't exhibit many emotions often yet she seems to get angry over others hurting her sister, and bashful over Amir's flattery on occasion.

Name: Amadou Gbano

Powers: Divine Empowerment (grants Connective Tissue Manipulation and Bone Manipulation)

Other Powers/Skills: Chain Manipulation

Tools: Chains

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Base of Operations: West Africa

About: A fellow countryman of Chaklah, yet hailing form a different tribe, Amadou is a born enemy of Chaklah. He is a completely depraved sadist, only respecting his patron deity Ankranka, god of cannibalistic ritual. Naturally, he is a cannibal due to his spirituality and is quite pious. Very skilled in making traps.

Name: The Itch (as named by Amir)

Powers: Arachnid Physiology/Arachnid ManipulationInfestationOmnislayer

Other Powers/Skills: Variable- dependent on host

Alignment: N/A; due to natural instinct, inherently Lawful Evil to most living creatures

Base of Operations: Variable; usuallly secluded areas within a few miles of human settlements

About: Life is defined by a need to obtain various hosts, gaining power until it can find the right host to use as a vessel for asexual reproduction on a massive scale. The prerequisites for being a host for reproduction are having supernatural abilities, having already given birth to a child, and strong fertility. After encountering Cici years ago, it seeks her out as a host for reproduction due to her powers and her status as a mother, and possibly due to even more than that...

Name: Grimace

Powers: Alien Mind

Other Powers/Skills: Miming, InvisibilitySuffering EmpowermentIntuitive Aptitude

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Base of Operations: Wherever Chaklah travels or is traveling; where you least expect him

About: A psychotic and sociopathic mime that follows Chaklah everywhere, obsessing over him at every moment. He will stop at nothing to torment, torture, and ruin Chaklah's life as ruthlessly as possible. Chaklah seems to know him on a personal level, yet refuses to speak about him, nor allows anyone to fight him due to how deadly of a combatant he is.

Name: Pearl Persimmons

Powers: N/A

Other Powers/Skills: Doll PhysiologyDoll ManipulationShattering

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Tools: Dolls

Base of Operations: Variable, yet like Grimace, she tends to follow Chaklah

About: Living a long life of hardships and abuse by others, Pearl was a sensitive old lady, and everything about her was fragile. She had been a neighbor of Chaklah's family for many years, and he used to bring her care packages two times a week. She considered Chaklah to be a great friend, and one of the few she'd ever had in her life. She seemingly had died mysteriously, leaving investigators with only the idea that foul play had been involved. Somehow, she's back in a new form, seeking out the death of Chaklah for unknown reasons in the reflective world.

Name(s): Orchid & Cota

Powers: Plant Manipulation (Orchid), Fungus Manipulation (Cota), Contact-Based Power Activation (in order to gain Gestalt Form), Sex SpecialistMind Link

Alignment: Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral

Tools: Scythe (Orchid), Flail (Cota)

Base of Operations: Variable; usually large cities

About: Twin sisters that are attracted to Chaklah and Amir, they seek to kill Loria and Cici in order to seduce and subjugate Chaklah and Amir; although they exhibit individual personalities, they can develop an ambiguous persona if they use their Mind Link ability or Gestalt Form in excess. Orchid is infatuated with Amir, and is loud, masochistic, dim-witted, yet speaks politely and prefers not to resort to violence. Cota is infatuated with Chaklah, and is quiet, vulgar, sadistic, and aggressive. Both are extremely lustful towards whom they target to admire, yet abhor contact with all other people.

Name: Ramses Indigo

Powers: InvulnerabilityAdrenal Activation, God Mode (hidden), Mind Link (with pet rabbit Puddles, who has Size Manipulation and Feral Mind)

Alignment: He's a kid, he's just damn Chaotic

Tools: Toy Sword (Wooden)

Base of Operations: Variable; Wherever his mother is

About: The son of Cici Indigo, the nephew of Loria Indigo, and the stepson of Chaklah, Ramses is the youngest member of the group. He originially wasn't allowed to come on the journey, but due to his powers manifesting at such a young age on top of his mischievous personality, Cici and Chaklah ended up allowing his accompaniment. Being a toddler, Ramses can be fussy and whiny at times, yet he's a good boy at heart and is always striving to impress Chaklah at every turn. Ramses has a close bond to everyone in the group, and is generally unafraid in the face of situations that might terrify his mother or stepfather. Exceedingly hyper and feisty for his age, he tends to get the better of his opponents, as they underestimate him on account of his outward appearance.



Name: Afritex Inc.

Base of Operations: Cotê d'Ivioire

Relevancy: This organization is a technological powerhouse in the world, developing both space tech and inventions to help the common man. Being the primary group to attempt to quell the plague that haunts Chaklah's people, they fund his expedition with supplies such as weapons, armor, transportation, money, and other survival gear. They will be the ones to implement the Black Drop cure once it is acquired.

Name: The Horn

Base of Operations: ???

Relevancy: The Horn is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of oppressed people both on Earth and in space, being the organization that "calls saviors into action". This mysterious organization provided Chaklah with the list of administrations/governments that could possibly be hiding or have information on the Black Drop. Chaklah and his group have never met any representatives of the organization, yet have been told that they come from a "trusted background" to both Chaklah and Amir.