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    Character Sheet

    October 9, 2014 by WitchDoctor8

    Name: Chaklah

    Alias: The Provocateur  

    Inherent Powers: Cheating (normally limited to Rule Bending), Neural Impulse Manipulation, Singularity, Badassery, Anti-Hero Embodiment, Weird Attack

    Other Powers/Skills: Paranormal Expertise, Psychological Intuition, Special Ops Mastery

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (leaning towards Chaotic Good)

    Personality: Really eccentric, moving, and insightful yet described as being a true individual; very talkative, moody, and is almost always making a joke about the situation at hand; can be sadistic at times; "awkwardly awesome" as described by most

    Tools: Knives, Mysterious Sword, Makarov Pistol

    Fighting Style: Based on a variety of martial arts, but particularly a few. Tends to be agile, savage, and focusing on debiā€¦

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