: Wachowski 

Alias: Watcher of Reality, Maintainer of all Existence, The Embodiment of Totality

Alignment: True Neutral

Motto: "I only tip the scales as a corrective measure; why I permitted the discrepancy to transpire is simply beyond your need to know."

Quotes: "I am Wachowski, nice to meet you... or have met you... or will meet you... there is truly no palpable difference."

"Everything has existence in the omniverse but virtually every native of their own section of reality calls their continuum 'nonfiction'. Is it unmitigated centralism or unbridled arrogance? Another question to be answered at another tiime."

"There's always this desire for purpose, whether or not it's been designed is a choice for your individual discretion."

Powers: Omniverse Manipulation

ArchetypesAll-Powerful BystanderOmniscient Morality LicenseTrickster Mentor.

Origin: Born from a configuration of primordial energies that provided the necessary compounds to support sentience, Wachowski had began his existence as the primary conscious of reality. Consequently, the space-time continuum continually expanded engendering every possibility, its cosmological laws, metaphysical constants, and pataphysical essence. With every dimensional collision emerged another continuum with reality consistently diverging over the many eons of existence to compose creation that is remotely recognize to reality as we know it today. Wachowski watched as universes arised and developed and inevitably culminated in either an uneventful or dynamic end and he inherently knew every one of these cosmic events were inextricably linked to his very existence.

Wachowski grasped the infinite power he weilded and realized that he was the embodiment of totality with every event across everything that is, was, and will be is under his purview. He allows the sequence of natural events to flow unaltered realizing since the beginning of time that everything has its special course. When organic lifeforms appeared, the dynamic and innovative essence that they carried became his primary source of interest and he sporadically interacted with them to stave off the tedium that was connected to his unparalleled cosmic stature and knowledge. 

He found great enjoyment in the developments of the countless life forms that have proliferated throughout innumerable realities and even allowed several species to acquire nigh-omnipotent power, but not enough that they irrevocably distort reality. He remained neutral in the cosmic scheme of continuity, but during his humanistic interactions, acted as the curious onlooker bemused by the civilization and culture that's been established.