This is a mini-story series that follows an unique storyline. The main characters are The awesome Calix Alburn, The three ravishing sisters Emi,Matsuri, and Xena Injiun, The Rebellious Vampire Jace Nosfuratu, The Personification of The Sun Randle Guys, The Villainous Artificial-Archangel Drake The Boundaryless and The Omnipotent Being Gonzo the Mage oh and I almost forgot about Calix's Girlfriend Volumptous Saki Natsuki. Each Episode will be an continuing from the last.This will be a Twelve part series.If you have any questions this is my talk page User Talk:Truth™ hope you like it!!

The story begins in the middle of summer with our young heros enjoy themselves at the beach.The girls in their bikinis trying to show off their volumptous figures and the guys in their swimming trunks showing off thier semi-muscular physiques.Little did they know evil was lurking in the ocean on the cost of Mu.The boundless Drake has been plotting his revenge on the Alburn clan for thousands of years and finally found away to get back at them--destroy Calix Alburn!Drake was a member of the Alburn who was banished form the clan because he creating weapon for himself Kamikaze[Note*Kamikaze literally mean 'Divine Wind'] creating an false Arme Maudite[Note**French origin means 'Cursed Weapon'] is illegal among the five clans of power.Calix's darkskin was beaded with sweat.He went over to pick-up his towel to wipe the sweat off.If anyone has any questions this is my TALK PAGE User Talk:Truth™