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  • VakaiTheBlackMage

    "We are the Shinjin and won't come second to anyone. You can't touch them and you can't touch me." '

    -Yaksha to Akitatsu in the First Encounter.

    Yaksha is the Deuteragonist in the series, he is the son of Eximus and Amaka. He is the younger brother of Tori and his cousin is Lavei. He was given the sword Dimensional Edge as a child, he is very lazy and sadistic. At the same time cynical and sarcastic. He is the 2nd in command of the Shinjin and takes teamwork seriously. He fights alongside his brother, the Shinjin creating stronger bonds with them through every battle and challenge they face.

    On a foreign planet known as Genesis, lies a sacred supernatural alien species Zenith. Three brothers Tenjin, Tori, and Yaksha were chosen to be the proteā€¦

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