Basic Info
Alias(es) Lust, Babe, Sexy, Lustful
Alignment Neutral
Race Personification
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Every
Main Ability Lust Embodiment, Sexual Instinct
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Family Amor (Younger Sister), Omayari (Younger Sister), Gewalt and Verletzen (Twin Sons)
Affiliation(s) The Seven Sins, The Emotional
Occupation(s) Emotion and Sin
Companions The Seven Sins (especifically Envy and Gier)
"You don't have to be shy babe, let's have fun"
― Iroke flirting, as always.

Iroke is the embodiment of lust, sex/sexuality and pleasure and member of The Seven Sins and also member the Emotional, the group of the personifications of emotions.



Iroke 's original appearence has wild blond hair, bewitching yellow eyes and extremely sensual body.


Aside being very flirtatious, Iroke is also really gentle when he wants to, but also really rough if he wants to.


Amor - Amor is the embodiment of passion, love and affection, and Iroke's younger sister, they have a great fraternal brother-sister relation.

Omayari - Omayari is the embodiment of compassion, friendliness and kindness, and Iroke's younger sister, like with Amor, he has a great fraternal brother-sister relation with her.

Gier - Gier is Iroke's (self-proclaimed) boyfriend, being heavily obsessed about him, and treats him as his greatest tresure, always wanting him only to himself. Despite his overwhelming possessiveness, Iroke doesn't really care about it, in fact, he even finds it amusing.


Lust Embodiment - Iroke is the embodiment of lust, seduction, sex/sexuality and pleasure.


  • Iroke is merely his human name, his actual name is Lust.
    • It's name means Sex Appeal in japanese.