Basic Info
Alias(es) Greed, Greedy, Possesive
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Personification
Gender Male
Sexuality Irokesexual
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Every
Main Ability Greed Embodiment, Obsession Empowerment
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Family Gewalt and Verletzen (Twin Sons)
Affiliation(s) The Seven Sins, The Emotional
Occupation(s) Emotion and Sin
Companions The Seven Sins (specifically Iroke)
"You're mine! mine! i will never let someone have you!"
― Gier talking to Iroke.

Gier is the embodiment of greed, obsession and possessiveness and member of The Seven Sins and also member of The Emotional.



Gier has crimson hair and crimson eyes with black sclera, but he can also turn his hair and eyes's color orange.


Gier is, obviously, extremely possesive about things he regard as his, he becoms extremely violent when someone tries to ``steal´´ something from him.


Iroke - He is heavily obsessed about Iroke, proclaming himself to be his boyfriend, he is also extremely possesive over him, to the point of wanting to kill anyone how he sees as an "threat", but Iroke always prevents him from doing so.


Greed Embodiment - Gier is the embodiment of greed, obsession and possessiveness

Obsession Embodiment

  • Obsession Empowerment - he becomes more powerful the more obssesive he becomes.
  • Violent Obsession - while he is able to do that, he doesn't use it, as it would make others be obsessed about Iroke as well.

Hair Color Manipulation/Eye Color Manipulation - he can change his hair and eyes color to orange


  • It's name means Greed in german.