Basic Info
Alias(es) The Oldest One,lots and lots of others.
Alignment Inapplicable (Older than Morality)
Race None
Gender Inapplicable (Older than the Concept of Gender)
Sexuality Inapplicable (Older than Sexuality)
Age None, Always "Existed"
Birthday None
Main Ability Omnilock, Non Created Physiology
Personal Data
Birthplace None
Family None
Affiliation(s) The First Ones
Occupation(s) Omniversal Traveler, Observer
Companions Variable
"I've been always here child, prior to everything and nothing, prior to the blank page which the Author draws the story, prior to the Author himself, i've saw a lot, child."
― Aria about itself.

Aria, as it calls itself, is, in the easiest way to understand, the oldest thing.


Little is know about Aria, aside that she has always been there, older than everything and nothing, older than God and even to what she referes to as the "Author and the Blank pages".


It has true appearence, though it takes the form of an long black-haired, blue eyed female


It's personality is a mistery and her intentions even more so, it is described by most to be "Kind" and "Helpful".


God - He is the one that knows the most about her, as he was the first thing to came to be, being only the two at the begginning. he refers to her as "Ma'am".



  • Despite using an female name, Aria is still refered as "It".