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Character Sheet 4

Tsubasa16 December 13, 2014 User blog:Tsubasa16


Gender:Inapplicable (Older than the Concept of Gender)

Aliases:The Omni-Wielder,The Meta Swordsman,The Oldest One,lots and lots of others.

Age:Inapplicable (Older Than Time and Age)

Alignment:Inapplicable (Older than Good and Evil)


Occupitation:Swordsman,Omniversal Traveler,Weapon Master.

Likes:Her Weapons,Travel.

Dislikes:Arrogant People,Persons That Think That Can Beat Her Easily.

Motto:``You Really Want to Mess With Me Poor Child ?´´

Quotes: ``I'm Much Older Than God´´.

``For Me,Everything is Nothing More Than Unborn Childrens´´.


Abilities:Absolute Immortality/Amortality ,Freedom ,Singularity ,Human Morphing ,Weapon Proficiency ,Power Anchoring ,Reality Anchoring,Power Anchoring ,Erasure Immunity ,Supernatural Swordsmanship ,Dimensional Storage ,Powers Via Weapons ,Almighty Object ,Powers Via Object,Controllable Omnilock ,Planeswalking ,Flight ,Meta Teleportation ,Teleportation ,Panmnesia ,Supernatural Beauty (Controllable).

Some Of Her's Abilities Via Some Of:She Weapons:Ascalon (Sword):Absolute Slicing ,Unrestricted Murdering .Burmanus (Sword):Omni-Magic .Durandal (Sword):Absolute Strength .Excalibur (Sword):Absorption ,Absorbing Replication .  

Backstory:Very Little Is Know About Aria,Some Of The Only Know Things About Her Is:She Is The Oldest Being Of The Entire Totality, Even Older Than The Totality Itself,Begin Older Than Things Like Time,Space,Reality,Existence,Nothingness,Etc,And Because This,Is Outside Of They,But She Can Enter On Their When She Wants (Controllable Omnilock).Other Thing Is That She Possess A Infinite Number Of Weapons And Objects That Grants To She Every And Any Power,Even All Almighty ,Omni And Meta Ones.Although,She Is Generally Seen Using 4 Specific Ones (Although She Says That A Lot Of She Weapons And Objects As The Same Names,And That She Rarely Uses She's True Power And Rarely Uses Almighty,Omni,Meta Powers In Fight).She Travels Between Universes Helping People,And Also Fighting With Everyone That Wants To Fight She.She Knows A Lot Of Persons Of Different Universes,Multiverses,Existential Planes,Dimensions,Etc,And Remembers Of Everyone That She Mets On She's Entire ``Life´´.She Already Defeated Lots Andd Lots of Beings,From Commun Swordsmans And Mages To Nigh Omnipotents,Reality Warpers And ``Unbeatable´´ Begins With No Effort,Although Doesn't Appears,She Rarely Use Omni Or Meta Powers in a Fight,Only If The One That She Is Fighting Also Has.

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