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Tsubasa16 November 25, 2014 User blog:Tsubasa16


Aliases:Killjoy (By She Brother) ,The Coldest Sister.


Occupation:Highschool Student,Famous Writter.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality:Apparently Very Cold,But Actualy She Is A Kuudere.

Abilities:Omni-Negation ,Nonexistence,Nothingness Manipulation ,Game Over ,Darkness Manipulation ,Anti-Matter Manipulation ,Boundless Elimination ,Primordial Darkness Manipulation ,Anti-Energy Mapulation ,Destruction ,Death Manipulation ,Meta Ability Creation ,A Lot Of Others (She's Has All The Powers That Are Related To Void,Destruction,Darkness,Death,Negation,Erasure And Etc.(The Only Excpetion Is She's Meta Ability Creation)

Motto:``Stop With This Childishness´´

Quotes: ``Stop Bother Me´´

``Learn To Clean Up Your Own Mess´´

Likes:She Family,Writte.

Dislikes:Be Bothered,Noise.

Hobbies:Stop She's Brothers Fights By Negating He´s Powers.

Backstory:Yukari Was Born As The 4th Children Of A Upper-Middle Class Family,That Actually Is Composed By 9 Members (She,She's 6 Brothers,And She's Parents),She And She's Brothers Has Superpowers,Although He's Parentes Doesn't,All Them Has Borned With Absolute Control Over He's Powers,Each Brother Has A Specific Control Over A Certain Kind Of Power,Like One Brother Has Control Over All Powers Related To Fire,Magma,Heat,Burning,Etc,And Other Has Control Over All Powers Related To Ice,Snown,Freeze,Cold,Etc,.Yukari Is Stated By All He's Brothers As The Most Powerfull Of The Family,As She Has The Power To Negate All He's Powers If She Want,And Also,Create Any Ability She Desires (Although She Says:``I Don't Need More Powers That I Already Has.Or ``I See No Need To Create More Powers For Me´´).She Is Responsible For Stop He's Brothers Fight,Generally Negating He's Powers.Although Having So Much Powers Of Omnipotent Scale,She's Favorite Power And The One She Most Use Is Omni-Negation n,She Turned Into A Famous Writter Publishing The History's She Writtes On She Free Time.Although Don't Appears,She Love Every One Of She Brothers,And Make Everything To Protect Them,Although They Don't Need Be Protected.Generally Anyone Challegens Them,As They Are Feared As Very Powerfull Beings,Principally Yukari,That Is Considered By Almost Everyone As An Omnipotent Being,Or At Least,Has The Powers Become Omnipotent When She Hants.But A Day,A Master-Class Reality Warper Challenged She,To Prove That She Is Not So Powerfull As She Appears,And She Accept,And She Easily Won Simple Negating He's Powers With Omni-Negatio n And Nearly Killing Him,And Then Said:You Certainly Like Your Powers Right?I Wonder What You Will Do When They Don't Exist Anymore´´,And After This,She Erased He's Powers With A Combo Of Irrevesible Destruction And Nonexistence ,And After,Negating That His Presence And The Fact That He Can Be On She Entire Multiverse,Baning Him For Another Multiverse,And After This,She's Reputation As An Omnipotent Beign Has Only Increased.

For Now Is This,Maybe I Add More Something On His Backstory Later,And I Will Also Add She's Brothers Here To.Say What Has Thinked Of Him And Feel Free To Give Some Tips.

(PS:Ignore The Excessive Use of She And He)

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