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A Handsome Teenager Form

Name:Ryo (The Name That He Prefers To Be Called).

Powers:Omnipotence ,Omniscience ,Omnipresence.

  • Favorite Powers(Or Better Saying,Most Used Powers)(He Has Powers That He Most Use In Which Of His Forms,Although Generally He Uses The Same Name,The Appareance And Personality Variates):
  • Nonexistence And Absolute Restoration (Generally On Forms With Playfull Personality):He Use This Powers To Play With The Simplory Beings,Erasing Everything On The Universe (Only Leaving The Earth) And After Restoring Them,Making The Beings Become Completely Scared,And After Erasing Their Memory Of What Happened.
  • Supernatural Beauty And Cuteness Inducement (Two Of The Powers That He Most Uses In Every Form That He Assumes,Although Cuteness Inducement Is Generally On Children Forms)

Occupations:Supreme Being And Omnipotent Creator Of Several Multiverses.

Appearance:Any Specific,Although He Prefers To Appear As A Blond Boy With Blue Eyes.   

Personality:Variates According The Forms That He Assumes,But Generally Is A Playfull One On Teenager Forms And Timid In Children Forms.  

Quotes:``Pleasure,I'am Ryo´´ 


Hobbies:Interact With Normal And Simplory Beings.

Likes:Anything Specific,Varies Depending The Forms That He Assumes.

Dislikes:Anything Specific,Varies Depending The Forms That He Assumes.

Well,Is This For Now,I Will Continue Later,This Is My Fist ``Character Sheet´´,And I Don't Know How To Make A Good One,So If Someone Has An Council Or And Tip Of Something I Can Add Here,Is Only ``Say´´ To Me.