Basic Info
Alias(es) The one who opposes, The Opposites, Hantai-San (by Personi)
Alignment Amoral
Race Personification, Primordial Entity
Gender All and None
Age Inaplicable
Birthday When the first opposites came to be
Blood Type Bloodless
Main Ability Opposites Embodiment, Primordial Embodiment
Personal Data
Birthplace Nowhere
Family Ryo (Indirect Creator)
Affiliation(s) The First Ones
Occupation(s) Fundamental Principle
Companions Personi ("Best Friend")
"I'am Adversus, i'm both everything and nothing, and yet, i'am neither of them as well."
― Adversus explaning herself

Adversus is the embodiment of all opposites, and member of The First Ones, a group consisting of extremely ancient beings.



Adversus doesn't have an set appearance, as it is both neither and both genders, it sometimes appears as an woman, sometimes as an man, and sometimes as neither.

Female Form

Adverus's female form generally is that of an tall, unbelievably beautiful woman, with long black hair, medium breasts and stuning blue eyes.



Personi - Personi is Adversus companion and self-proclaimed best friend, he came to be some time after it, unlike Adversus, he is very emotive.


Opposites Embodiment - Adversus is the primordial embodiment of all opposites.

Formlessness - Adversus doesn't has an actual true form


  • It's name, Adversus, means Opposite/Opposites in latim.