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  • Tsubasa16


    September 4, 2016 by Tsubasa16


    Basic Info
    Alias(es) Greed, Greedy, Possesive
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral
    Race Personification
    Gender Male
    Sexuality Irokesexual
    Age Unknown
    Birthday Unknown
    Blood Type Every
    Main Ability Greed Embodiment, Obsession Empowerment
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown

    Affiliation(s) The Seven Sins, The Emotional
    Occupation(s) Embodiment of Greed, Obssesion and Possesiveness
    Companions The Seven Sins (especifically Iroke)

    Gier is the embodiment of greed, obsession and possessiveness and member of The Seven Sins and also member of The Emotional.

    Gier has crimson hair and crimson eyes with black sclera, but he can also turn his hair and eyes's color orange.

    Gier is, obviously, extremely possesive about things he regard as his, he becoms extremely violent when som…

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  • Tsubasa16


    September 3, 2016 by Tsubasa16


    Basic Info
    Alias(es) Lust, Babe, Sexy, Lustful
    Alignment Neutral
    Race Personification
    Gender Male
    Sexuality Pansexual
    Age Unknown
    Birthday Unknown
    Blood Type Every
    Main Ability Lust Embodiment, Sexual Instinct
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown
    Family Amor (Younger Sister), Omayari (Younger Sister)
    Affiliation(s) The Seven Sins, The Emotional
    Occupation(s) Embodiment of Lust, Sex and Pleasure
    Companions The Seven Sins (especifically Envy and Gier)

    Iroke is the embodiment of lust, sex, and pleasure and member of The Seven Sins and also member the Emotional, the group of the personifications of emotions.

    Iroke 's original appearence has wild blond hair, bewitching yellow eyes and extremely sensual body.

    Aside being very flirtatious, Iroke is also really gentle…

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  • Tsubasa16


    June 26, 2016 by Tsubasa16


    Basic Info
    Alias(es) The one who opposes, The Opposites, Hantai-San (by Personi)
    Alignment Absolute Neutral
    Race Personification, Primordial Entity
    Gender All and None
    Age Inaplicable
    Birthday When the first opposites came to be
    Blood Type Bloodless
    Main Ability Opposites Embodiment, Primordial Embodiment
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Nowhere
    Affiliation(s) The First Ones
    Occupation(s) Fundamental Principle
    Companions Personi ("Best Friend")

    Adversus is the embodiment of all opposites, and member of The First Ones, a group consisting of extremely ancient beings.

    Adversus doesn't have an set appearance, as it is both neither and both genders, it sometimes appears as an woman, sometimes as an man, and sometimes as neither.

    Adverus's female form generally i…

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  • Tsubasa16

    Character Sheet 5

    May 2, 2015 by Tsubasa16

    Name:Angie Royality


    Aliases:The Divine Demon,The Demonic Angel

    Affiliations:Immortal Garden,Heaven,Hell.


    Age:Unknow (10000+)


    Likes:Float,relax,her family,her friends

    Dislikes:Ignorant persons,Idiots,Persons who keep staring her wings.

    Personality:Angie's personality variates,from being reclusive and quiet to being cheerful and extroverted

    Motto:``Do what you want to do´´

    Quotes:"I'am Proud of of being what i am"

    "If you say anything bad about my family,you will wish for be death."

    Hobbies:Sing,write and read,train


    Marital Status:Single

    • Nephalem Physiology:Angie is daughter of an angel and a demon,having more powers that her parents,and is able to control both divine and demonic powers.
      • Holy…

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  • Tsubasa16

    Character Sheet 4

    December 13, 2014 by Tsubasa16


    Gender:Inapplicable (Older than the Concept of Gender)

    Aliases:The Omni-Wielder,The Meta Swordsman,The Oldest One,lots and lots of others.

    Age:Inapplicable (Older Than Time and Age)

    Alignment:Inapplicable (Older than Good and Evil)


    Occupitation:Swordsman,Omniversal Traveler,Weapon Master.

    Likes:Her Weapons,Travel.

    Dislikes:Arrogant People,Persons That Think That Can Beat Her Easily.

    Motto:``You Really Want to Mess With Me Poor Child ?´´

    Quotes: ``I'm Much Older Than God´´.

    ``For Me,Everything is Nothing More Than Unborn Childrens´´.


    Abilities:Absolute Immortality/Amortality ,Freedom ,Singularity ,Human Morphing ,Weapon Proficiency ,Power Anchoring ,Reality Anchoring,Power Anchoring ,Erasure Immunity ,Supe…

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