The Ten Heroes were a group of warriors who banded together with mankind to fight against the Darkest Night during the Eclipse War. When mankind was on the brink of destruction, the Ten Heroes appeared. The Ten Heroes were the ones who taught mankind the secret of "Artes" and together, they defeated the Darkest Night. It is said by Mitsuyoshi that each warrior was traveling alone before the events of the Eclipse War and that Mitsuyoshi was the leader of the Ten Heroes.

Known members

  1. Mitsuyoshi (leader; then known as The Blade Master)
  2. Ellen Nelson (was attacked and sealed inside of the Book of the Dead by Mr. UNKILLABLE; freed from the Book of the Dead at the end of the Eclispe War. She also participated in World War Three)
  3. Kongou (Real Name: Alison Karbowski ; currently resides within Eta η -No.07-'s body)
  4. Lambda (was remade into Eta η -No.07-)
  5. Mr. 99 or Lawrence Winters (now known as Lauren Winters)
  6. Alvin Wald (betrayed the other members, possibly deceased)
  7. Imouto-Sama or Little Sister (her real name is Kazakiri Tsuchimikado, but goes by Aya Kirino, now resides in Akita, Japan running a manga shop by day and a bounty hunting idol singer)
  9. "Mad King" Jimmy Lee (Arrested)
  10. Kihara Suguha (real name: U.N. Owen)


Jin "Dust" Masters and Makoto Yayoi were amongst the many who aided the Ten Heroes during the Eclipse War, but never received recognition for it.

They all have their own unique Team Combination with each other