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Background of the Saiai School

The Saiai School is an organization of ninjas that is part of Japan's "darkness", but now operates globally. The Saiai have been operational in the shadows for a long time and have managed to continue doing so even into the 21st century. However, due to changing times, members of the school feel that they are nearing their limit. As such, they seek to obtain the means to develop genuine supernatural powers for the Saiai. However they are divided over how to accomplish this. Some of them believe that it would be faster to infiltrate Nitro City to analyze supernatural powers with a certain faction having done so. Others don't wish to get so close to Nitro City, not willing to submit to them for their leftovers, instead looking to investigate other factions.


The Saiai are first mentioned by Yomi, who claims to be one of their descendants and considers them contemptible.

Nitro City Arc

When the Guardians held the Darwin’s Game tournament, a group of Saiai ninjas infiltrated Nitro City with the intention of finding and obtaining a suitable supernatural power user to analyze for the sake of developing supernatural powers for the Saiai. This unit was caught in the crossfire between invading Nitro City forces led by members of the Aihara Family and HOBGOBLIN, and was mostly decimated.


▪Mari Bosconovitch

▪Yomi Iga (Excommunicated)

▪Miori Shiba (deceased)

▪Kiyoshi Fujiwara (deceased)

▪Sayaka Ito (left)


Blackout is the term used to refer to Nitro City’s police and security forces. Unlike School Days, members of Blackout are ordinary young adults and teachers who work in the city. One is essentially a volunteer when they join Blackout, and as such is not paid to do Blackout work; however, the city compensates for Blackout members' help in the community by giving them various gifts and privileges.



It is often assigned to situations that members of School Days and/or Civil Security are unable or not allowed to handle, such as engaging terrorists, handling hostage situations, or stabilizing dangerous areas. School Days and Civil Security is often assigned to assist Blackout in these cases by evacuating civilians or handling crowd control as well as dealing with rogue Nxt, Espers, etc…who abuse their powers. It is also shown to assist School Days with meager work such as directing traffic, helping lost people, and enforcing curfew, and can also be hired for events. Blackout members are also tasked in training School Days recruits.

Moreover, it is also their duty to keep watch of School Days, and vice-versa. It is a checks and balances system that should prevent internal corruption in the two organizations. It and Nitro City's disaster relief organization, Active Rescue, work together during large-scale incidents such as the Geotia Incidents. Its authority extends outside Nitro City, and it is basically the city's "official" armed forces as opposed to black ops like the Feral Riot; this is shown first when Blackout is sent to Tokyo to suppress a riot, and later when they defend against Russia's attack in World War III. It has been revealed that Nitro City has hired many soldiers to work in the city as teachers, with one of the Mobile Suit SEED pilots in World War III mentioning that they only took up teaching for appearance's sake and are actually soldiers. Training Members of Blackout are capable of properly handling rifles. They are also trained in various tactics and strategies to handle different situations, such as hostage situations and dealing with terrorists. They are also probably trained in the implementation of first-aid. Some members even have their own special abilities or training that they implement into their missions.


To join their professional ranks, one need only be a teacher and then one must sign nine contracts, pass thirteen different types of aptitude tests, and complete four months of training, similar to School Days. Though it is currently unknown who leads Blackout, during operations such as engaging terrorists, Blackout members are formed into small groups and follow a single leader. Sometimes, Blackout members are put into relatively minor work (enforcing curfew, assisting lost people, etc.), and as such are partnered to scan particular areas. Time Out Time Out is a secret rogue organization within Blackout. Originally, composed of people who received "disciplinary action" for going overboard with their duties to the point of brutality or abuse of power, the organization later become a powerful organization in itself within Blackout after receiving funding and technology from sympathizers.


Armor and Protection

Most members of Blackout are seen with special SWAT armor as well as riot shields. If available, security bots are also used for protection against enemy fire. Occasionally members will dress in casual clothing for undercover missions. Weapons They are shown to use Restraining Volts Stun Gun attached, as well as various types of grenades and grenade launchers. When the situation calls for it, they can use experimental weapons against dangerous foes. Certain members are known to use their own weapons at times.


Blackout primarily uses grey armored trucks to transport criminals as well as their own members. It is also shown to house communication apparatus. Undercover members drive motorcycles and small cars.


Members of Blackout also have Phi Phones, an exclusive smartphone, with a SIM card different from any phone available to the general public.

List of known Blackout members

▪Suzuka Kimura (4th Squad’s Captain)

▪Miko Kimura (4th Squad’s First Lieutenant)

▪Bradon Hamilton (left)

▪Ryuji Akiyama (Deceased)

▪Asaka Kuroyuki (Deceased)

▪Ajimu Inoue (3rd Squad’s Captain)

▪Momohime (arrested)

▪Kirie Agria (left)

▪Hitomi Kliesen (On Leave)

▪Bradley Winters (left; ex 3rd Squad First Lieutenant)

▪Mr. UNKILLABLE (Deceased)

▪Stella Ludenberg (MIA)

▪Ami Eun (arrested)

Blank Verse

Blank Verse is an armed group of Level 0's in Nitro City which numbers in the thousands. Many factions proclaim that their goal is to fight for rights in a city where those without abilities are picked on by those who flaunt their higher Nxt abilities, while the authority sometimes turn a blind eye to the injustice or just can't help. Factions include Hell’s Spider. Rito Nakayama led one of the largest groups of Black Verse in District 10 before being killed by Kirie Agria. Hikage Sasuke succeeded him and agreed to a deal that would save Black Verse from the Feral Riot by attacking Kirie Agria. After this failed, he left Blank Verse and was succeeded by Sarutobi Sasuke.

The fighting abilities of Blank Verse members are generally weak, with the average fighter having brawling skills below that of an average joe, although he stated that he cannot take on more than three at once. Some members carry weapons such as collapsible large blades, batons, and guns that are as lethal as Level 3 abilities. The favored tactic is to swamp an enemy with numbers when fighting since they cannot normally win one on one.


Chie Akiyama

World War III

World War III (abbreviated WWIII or WW3, also referred to as Third World War) is a global war that lasted from October 19 to October 31 of the year 2050. Although lasting briefly, the war was mostly between two opposing great powers and alliances of Nitro City, against the Russian Federation. The United States of America was the only ones left out. As they were gearing up for it, the war ended before they could pick a side. However, the war was actually part of the plan of Kirie Agria, manipulating the World Superpowers and even HOBGOBLIN to do her bidding.

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