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Ryuuhou Mikazuchi

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Ryuuhou is a young, slim, large-busted woman, with long, straight black hair that falls past her knees with crimson red eyes.

When on missions she usually wears a white button up shirt with a black pencil skirt and a red tie with her hair tied in twin tails with combat gloves.

When not on missions with the other Immortal Garden members Ryuuhou wears a more casual attire, which consists of a plain white tank-top, with black straps, and a plain black mini-skirt.

12435 Japanese Girl-1-

Modern day dragon slayer


Kagura gives off a very calm and relaxed air. Her expression is almost always blank, and she is somewhat hard to read. She keeps a poker face wherever or whoever she meets. However, she is said to have a softer side. Despite Ryuuhou's hard-to-read nature, she is shown to take exceptional pride in her appearance and is very confident in her sex appeal, often exuding a certain amount of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, she is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring person.


Supernatural Athleticism-

Enhanced Gunmanship-

Optimal Finesse-

Dagger Proficiency- She is very skilled with daggers and throwing knives

  • Vibroweapon Proficiency- Her combat knives can be infused with her black lightning to become vibro weapons that can cut most objects with ease.

Mathematical Teleportation-

Enhanced Unarmed Combat-

Enhanced Charisma-

Illusion Awareness-

Dragon Physiology-



She knows Judo, Tea Kwon Do, Aikido, Boxing, Kendo, Wrestling, Muay ThaiSystema, Streetfighting, Naginatajtsu and, German Fencing.

She knows Mary and Fiora personally

Her theme: Parasyte- Next To You!!

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