Noa Ota

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He's laid-back, chilled and a pretty mellow guy who's the son of Alder The Deity of fire. He wears a captain's uniform for the I.I.A[even though he's a general.] He doesn't do much for the I.I.A because he's lazy but he's pretty powerful being.



  1. Personality
  2. Equipment
  3. Affiliation
  4. Powers
  5. Weakness
  6. Trivia or Request


He's just way too mellow and a 'why so serious?' type of guy.




Alder-Really could careless about what his dad is doing.

Susano'O-He was trained by susano'O.

Texas Law-Is his friend.


Magma Physiology-He's the son Alder so he's made out of magma.

Magma manipulation-He's not only made out of it he can control it.

Volcanic cloud creation-He can make volcanic clouds that he lazily floats on and can create thunder witn it.

Psycgokinesis-He can control all aspects of psychic powers like a master but too lazy to do so.


  • Can't go near water
  • Allergic to flowers

Trivia or Request

He's allergic to flowers.

Hates poetry.