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Lux Sanctus She is made up of two who become one (Éclair and Izayoi) when the two girls fuse together they become Éclair's true form the Goddess of Light and War, Lux Sanctus. Her host's name is Izayoi Sakurazaki. The source of their power comes from the Arma Reboare: Muchōrin. Each time he uses the power of the Arma Reboare Izayoi turns into a girl. She was once saved by Shaga.

What Rachel and Eclaire look like when they form Lux Sanctus.



As Lux Sanctus

She has long white hair tied into two separate side ponytails. She wears a black and white sun dress.


She seems to spend her entire time wearing a mocha-colored hoodie with a bunny-like hood and long bunny-themed sleeves that cover her arms. She wears a pair of unusually-designed boots with the same bunny theme. According to Rachel, Éclair typically dresses skimpy underneath the hoodie, wearing only red panties and (matching bra!?). Éclair's actual face has been the subject of interest to everyone around her; she has stated that her hood conceals her facial features and she never removes it. All that can be seen are a pair of red beady eyes and an ever constant toothy grin that tends to emulate emotions when conveying facial expressions. In all actuality she has a normal childish face 5that matches her small stature.

She can also change her looks into a teenaged girl with parted, blonde hair tied into two mid-centered long ponytails with aqua eyes. She appears to don Bunny clothing such as pink headphones with Mocha Bunny ears attached. She wears a furry, pastel pink bolero jacket that cover her hands with pink buttons in a paw design underneath. It has her name on the back of it.

She is wearing a garment similar to that of a Japanese lingerie nightie with a ruffled tutu. On her sides, there are what appears to be small, pink mini-speakers. In the back, there is corset lacing and a big pink bow. There is also a black cat tail as well. She's wearing black thigh-high tights with a keyhole design in the front with a tiny heart at the top. She wears pink knee pads with pink and white training shoes with black straps.


Izayoi is an intelligent young woman with short black hair tied in a ponytails and gray eyes. She wears a red and gold cheongsam with painted cherry blossoms texture, and matching white slippers, with her SDF's jacket over it.

Izayoi has age altering powers which allows her to change her from being a sixteen year old to a twenty one year old woman in a blink of an eye. In her adult form Rachel wears brown framed sunglasses with orange tinted lenses, and has long dark brown hair, plump lips and tanned skin. She also wears a gold necklace with a turquoise colored gem and strands of gold hanging from it. She is sporting an ensemble that consists of a long, ivory colored jacket with light green lace detailing along the front collar. The left sleeve has a crochet-scalloped hem and has peacock feather designs on the back at the tail. She is also wearing shiny brown, fingerless leather gloves with metal, square-shaped rings with a dark heart detail on each finger. 

Exposed is her black leather bra with brown and white stripes on the straps and on the banding where a gold button is in the middle. She is visibly wearing a black lame thong. On top, she is wearing white, belted pants with a brown, blue-green and tan striped pattern. Instead of having a zipper closure, there is a corset styled looping with ivory lacing replacing the latter. Finally, she wears white heels with brown soles.


Lux Sanctus acts like a stereotypical aristocratic heiress. She has an almost enchanting air of dignity and grace, yet is sarcastic and condescending to those she considers lower than her, always expecting them to have the highest standards of formality when conversing with her.

Despite this, she does care deeply for her allies.

Perhaps her most intriguing relationship is with 'that man', Although Lux Sanctus would never admit to it, she loves him for his determination and unwillingness to give up even when the odds are against him, wanting him to reach his full potential as a warrior and as a person.


Izayoi is a kind, generous, and sociable person who deeply loves every living thing around her. She is a sentimental individual who maintains a firm stance that all life is precious and will use her healing magic to assist those in need of it, regardless of who or what they are. She is also selfless to the point that she will shield a person with her own body without any hesitation and was willing to sacrifice herself to activate the Divine Light Halo, believing that her sacrifice was a small price to pay for the chance to defeat Nachtigall and save the world. It has also been noted by people that she has no sense of direction (just like Éclair), which usually ends with her getting lost.


Éclair is very stubborn, such as when she ignores Izayoi's warnings and heads to Japan by herself to search for her missing friend and is also unwilling to admit that she has a poor sense of direction, leading to frequent quarrels between her and Izayoi.

Powers and Abilities

Lux Sanctus Only:

True Form- for Éclair (This form only last 15 minuets)

Esoteric Light Manipulation

Empathic Healing-

Tactical Analysis-

Clothing Combat

Grand Law- ( Can only cast this spell at the last five minuets of the transformation ) It obliterates whatever Lux Sanctus deems a threat, the drawback to using this spell is that it depletes all of her mana and sends Eclaire into a death-like state for a whole week. It cannot effect concepts and can only hit one thing at a time; it has a range of 13Meters.

Enhancement Calling-

Power Union- (With Whole Team)

Izayoi Only

Peak Human Condition-

Abjuration- Izayoi is the mater of healing and support magic

  •  Support Magic- Izayoi has mastered all types of support magic
    • Health Optimization- Izayoi can purify and decontaminate anything from the body to the point she can clean the body of the deadliest poisons. 
    • Immunity Bypassing-
    • Defense Calling- Izayoi can enhance the defense of anyone within 10ft of her. (Effect x5) Cannot be used on self.
    • Speed Calling- Izayoi can enhance the speed of anyone within 10ft of her. (Effect x5) Cannot be used on self. 
    • Immunity Calling- Izayoi can enhance the immune system of anyone within 10ft of her.  (Effect x5) 
    • Strength Calling- Izayoi can enhance the Strength of anyone within 10ft of her. (Effect x10)
    • Anti-Support Magic- Izayoi can use anti-support magic that downgrades all stats and powers. (Effect x10)
    • Layered Support Magic- Izayoi can layer each support magic on top of each other three times,  allowing her to increase the stats of others. 
    • Life Infusion- She can infuse her very own life force into anything that she touches. 

Sensorial Link- She can share her senses with anyone and anything she puts her magical seal on.

  • Life Link- (With Eclaire) Her life is bond to Eclaire's own. She can not die unless both of them are killed at the same time.

Negation Immunity

Éclair Only

Conjuration- She can conjur up anything she wants using a significant amount of mana, but can only summon up to three things at a time.

Spell Casting- She is a master spell caster but only uses support magic

Magic Infusion- She can enhace her and other's attacks with her own magic to increase the damage dealt by said attacks but this takes up a lot of energy and concentration.

Magic Empowerment- She gains more magic and mana when around other magic users.

  • Mana Palms- She can surround her hands in magic aura to deal out devastating physical attacks.
  • Magic Aura- Her aura looks vaguely like an angel holding a sword made of light.
  • Mana Cannon- This is one of her stronger spell attacks that only goes in one direction, but deals out heavy magic damage.
  • Loli Mana Cannon- The version of the mana cannon is smaller and weaker but can be turned and scattered to hit its intended target with great accuracy.
  • Reflective Attacks- She can emit shots that bounce off other objects.
  • Barrage of Light- She can release a blast that bombards her enemy with a multitude of mana cannons. This spell takes up a lot of damage.

Radiant Mana- Unlike magic aura this aura protects her in outerspace and makes a barrier around her that keeps in oxygen and allows her to survive in any climate.

Mana Detection- She can sense life-forms that gives off life force.

Chronoprohiberis-This spell allows her to stop time for as long as she can hold her breath, but takes a lot of energy to use.

Spell Destabilization- She can destabilize magic of her own and others.

Spell Amplification- She can amplify magic attacks.

Unbound Soul-She is from a race of beings that are god-like spirit things that need other living beings for host.

  • Physical Law Immunity- She is immune to physics and just about anything physical attack except magic and psychic attacks.
  • Symbiosis- with Rachel to form Lux Sanctus.
  • Soul Resonation- She can resonate with any soul she wants.


Her name is Latin for 'Holy Light'.

Éclair means 'lightning' in French.


Her theme is:



Magic Negation

Buffering of their spells

Spell Negation

The lack of light especially if its of the Absolute Darkness flavor.

Rachel doesn't have a lot of mana so she can't cast spells as long as most magic users.

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