Lady Fujin

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She is the queen of the wind

She is the divine wind goddess bow down to her Djinny is her royal servant.


She is a nice queen but can be arrogant at times she is cunning and smart.


Pheromone Manipulation-She can make people like her or control animals with this or she can control sexual desires in males and a weak sexual manipulation.

Air Manipulation-She can control air in many deferent ways even make the air pressure high enough to make you pass out.

Age Manipulation-She can control her age or an objects age taking away time killing the object or giving time to an object she can even heal with this.

Body Swapping-She can swap bodies with females and then switch back and copy their power into hers.

Anatomical Liberation-She can detach her arm or legs or head and use them while they're not attached.

Omni-Senses- all six of her senses are omni-level.

Bone Manipulation-She can make weapons and barriers out of weapons and even break an bone inside your body.

Reality Anchoring-She can make reality unchangeable.

Reality Restoration-She can make warped reality back to normal even delete reality warps.

Cyclone Spinning-She can create huge columns of wind that can fray skin with ease. This can even turn into a planet size gale of winds moving at the speed of light human dicing wind.

Blood Generation-He can use Blood Manipulation to control/create blood giving it explosive and make Flammable Blood she can even make Acidic Blood.

Dark Wind Manipulation-She controls all forms of evil wind this is a dark power that can corrupt you if hit and destroy whole villages if not careful.

Technique:Freyr- This an razor wind she creates that cuts right through everything in its path.

Animal Manipulation-She can control all types of animals and can make them fuse to become a giant monster so they can fight easier.

Aerokinetic Combat-She fights with wind and hurricane infused combat.

Aeroportation-She can move at lightning fast speeds via wind she can even teleport objects.


She is one to venture into battle alone.