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Kirie Agria

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3 Black Haired Women

Kirie's current appearance/body.

Kirie is a slender, well-endowed young woman with long, raven-colored hair.

After her excommunication from Blackout, Kirie wears a more casual attire, which consists of a plain white tank-top, with black straps, and a plain black mini-skirt. 

She is usually seen wearing her custom battlefield attire. Also her breasts become exaggeratedly bigger with each body she possess.


Kirie is shown to be quite self-confident. She has immense faith in her abilities as a Mercenary, and takes pride in being a cold blooded killer and never makes anything personal.


Living Anomaly-

Murderous Possession-

Weapon State-

Supernatural Condition (Advanced Level)-

Post-Mortem Power Absorption-

Post-Mortem Shapeshifting-

Killing Resurrection-

Tactical Analysis-

Enhanced Combat-

Weapon Proficiency-




Mari Bosconovitch-

Suzuka Kimura-

Hitomi Kliesen-

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