Hitomi Kliesen is the brilaint and beautiful daughter of Dr. Kliesen and the Combat Medic of the Immortal Garden.



Hitomi is a slender, athletic, and petite (yet well-endowed) young woman of average height with a physically fit build. Although she has Japanese heritage from her mother, Hitomi has a more Western appearance than Eastern, overall: she has green, yet almond-shaped Asian eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, which is styled with long straight-bangs and a front fringe. Throughout her teen age years, her height and bust measurements have changed, through only by a couple of centimeters: When she was 15, she was 161 cm tall with a 89 cm bust; when she was 17, she's 160 cm tall with a 90 cm bust, and when she was 19, she's 158 cm tall with a 89 cm bust.
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Her clothing also bears a western appearance, with outfits consisting mostly of jeans, tank-tops, and denim jackets, complete with protective fighter's gloves. Hitomi also sometimes sports her own emblem, mostly printed on the front of her tank-top or the back of her jacket. The emblem, in its simplest form, is the shape of an eagle with fanned-out wings.


Hitomi is a very friendly, cheerful, energetic girl but is also a hard-working martial artist, through-and-through. Her victories have come as a result of a grueling, life-long training regimen as well as a complete commitment to her studies and her art. Not only has Hitomi practiced her techniques, she has studied them, coming to understand the deeper principles behind karate as well as of the art itself.

She is very much an honorable competitor and always fights fairly in a match, to do otherwise would bring shame to her name, her martial art, and her father's dojo. Often after winning, she will compliment her opponent rather than shame them like other fighters in the series. She is also fair in her dealings with others treating everybody equally and with the respect that they deserve.

Despite her Japanese name & study in Karate, it appears that Hitomi is acclimated more into the German lifestyle than that of the Japanese: she lives in Germany, sports western attire, and has a relatively close, more visible relationship with her German father while her relationship with her Japanese mother is less known.


The kanji used to spell Hitomi's name (瞳) means "Pupil" and her name literally means "Eye" respectively.


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