Erika Tepes is also a third-year student (the same age as Braden Hamilton) , as well as the student council vice-president. She is a vampire. She is strong in literature classes and martial arts, and is very attractive, making her popular.


Erika has waist-length blond/gold hair with a fringe, her skin, milky white and has large blue eyes. She shares many resembles to her mother, Saya by appearance. When her vampire instincts come about her pupils turn a ruby red colour and when she uses her full power her hair become silver and her eyes become golden like the sun.

She is seen mostly wearing the school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, black and white checkered skirt with two green stripes at the bottom hem, a green blazer with yellow trimmings, black knee lenght socks, brown shoes and a black and white checkered neck ribbon. Her uniform alters to a short sleeved blouse, red vest and white knee socks with all else being the same. When not at school she still wears the school uniform (due to being a Vice President) Or sometimes when outside school she wears a all white frilly blouse, worn with her school neck ribbon and A long black pleated skirt. It is also noted that she wears two green hair ribbons with bells attached to them at both sides of her head at all times.

True to her title of Vice President, Shes one of the most beautiful girls in the school and is looked up to many students both male and female.


Erika Tepes is a well behaved and beautiful 'bishoujo'. She's smart, well-spoken and organized. She has the title of Vice President of the student council of Royal Academy.

Not much is known about Erika's past and childhood only that she used to play together with Lailah Fujibayashi but due to a serious life-threatening accident, Erika revived and used her vampire powers to erase her memories about her and the accident itself.

Erika Tepes is in fact a supernatural being, a Vampire. As a vampire, Erika has outstanding strength, endurance, agility, speed and even has the ability to fly. Erika uses all her willpower not to show this off and refuses to use any of her abilities, wanting more than nothing but be a normal girl and harness her title to help the student body and to ensure everyone has an excellent school life.


Mystic Vampire Physiology-







According to the Royal Acdemy's School Newspaper, Erika's height, weight, and BWH measurements were: 5' 6" (168 cm), 114 lbs. (52 kg), and B37" W21" H34" (B93 W54 H86 cm).