"I am Chie Akiyama. My hobby is all kinds of physical contact. If I broke any of your bones, I apologize. I cannot do anything beyond apologizing though."
― Chie before fighting any opponent
Chie Akiyama is the younger sister of Ryuji Akiyama and she is a participant of the Darwin's Game tournament.
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Chie exhibiting her fighting prowess


She is girl from a wealthy family in Japan and is a practitioner of various martial arts from all over the world; such as Tai Chi, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts and, Xinyi Liuhe Quan.


Her belief is based around pure destruction (pure as in not involving or bringing anything unnecessary when destroying something, like collateral damage) and the exhilaration that comes from it. She entered the tournament to prove that those with special abilities aren't the ones to set the standards and was willing to get the help no matter what. She does possess a sense of justice as she didn't hesitate to remove the danger around the daughter of her opponent, or saving her enemy's life at the expense of her own.


She has a slender and petite build of average height, with a very girly, youthful appearance, pale skin, brown eyes, and a heart-shaped face, has shoulder-length light brown hair (that looks boyish), and her body looks good enough to get a job as a magazine model.

She usually has on body-hugging Chinese dresses called cheongsams. They are normally embroidered with Asian-inspired patterns of birds and flowers. She wears fingerless gloves with urethane inside in order to reduce the stress to her fists.

Most of her wardrobe consists of her simply wearing cheongsams in different colors.


Peak Human Condition-


Qi Control-

Blazing Soul-

Speed Combat-

EMP Emission-

Finishing Move: Nine Gates of Heaven- Chie swiftly dashes forward and delivers her opponent one hundred kicks. Will lock-on to opponent, but not unblockable.

Vampiric Toxicity-

Last Stand-

Psychic Shield-

Enhanced Investigation-

Body Supremacy-

Business Intuition-


Chie possesses nothing but pure martial arts skill and a body fit enough to win against Kirie Agria and her ability to produce directed electromagnetic waves, as well as taking down a group of armed gunmen of Nitro City.



Her theme: