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Atsui Homura

Truth™ February 21, 2015 User blog:Truth™

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Atsui Homura

This article, Atsui Homura, is property of Truth™.

He is a hot head and is one to rush into battle unlike his sister. He is hot-headed and has an cocky attitude and will become emotional about battle. He is apart of the Team Madara



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Cocky and hot-headed younger brother of Samui Homura. He is the opposite of his sister.


Fire Manipulation-He can control all forms of fire.

Fire Aura-His aura is made of fire giving him many attack and defense advantages.

Fire Generation-He can make fire all by himself with a heat source.

Psychic Flame Manipulation-He can make fire with his mind that works like normal fire.

Pyrokinetic Constructs-He can make weapons out of fire he can make almost thing with fire.

Elemental Consumption-He can eat fire to gain energy ant metabolic food.

Soul-Bound Weapon-He has a weapon that's bound to him by his soul that he can call at any time but he is not ready to use it completely.

Hell-Fire Breath-He can spit out hell fire in the shape of a sphere it can destroy whole houses with this.

Psychic Constructs-

Jet Propulsion-

Gravity Ball Projection-

Pyrokinetic Combat-

Concussion Beams-


Any type of water based attack.


Atsuki maens 'Hot'

Homura means 'Flame'

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